Preparation for Professional Success

At Villanova Law, we believe that academics and professional development are intertwined and equally essential to the long-term success of our students. Today our curriculum infuses professional skills along with vital business principles and practical experience into each student’s rigorous legal training.

Our mandatory, credit-bearing Professional Development program is more than a “one-size-fits-all” checklist of interactions with the School’s Career Strategy team. One of the most robust of its kind among law schools, the program employs a personalized approach that encourages and engages students in active career exploration.

Through lectures, individual and small group meetings, self-directed assignments and Career Strategy events, Villanova Law students are introduced to such topics as project management, diversity, professional independence, workplace ethics and communication skills. Our team is there to guide you from job search to interview preparation and more.

“Our Professional Development (PD) program is structured to allow for individualization to each student’s interests,” remarked Jennifer Henfey, Executive Director of Career Strategy. “For example, if a student enters law school with an interest in health law, she can tailor her PD coursework to explore that field and to connect with practicing attorneys and mentors.”

Henfey continued, “We also encourage students to learn about a variety of practice areas and settings. The more they know about their options, the more informed decisions they can make about their careers at the start.”


The Professional Development Program in Action


For Effi Taylor ’17, her work with the Office of Career Strategy went well beyond the requirements of the Professional Development program. She regularly met with advisers to perfect her resume, shared correspondences from her interactions with attorneys and judges, and to discuss job offers to determine which would best position her career goals.

effi taylor

Effi Taylor '17

Undergrad: Denison University, BA in Economics
Current work: Heineman Compliance Fellow, General Electric

“I built relationships with the Career Advisers and was comfortable sharing with them both my failures and accomplishments. Their support and guidance encouraged me to be proactive rather than reactive. It’s been a key to my success.”

For Christopher Rodrigues '19, the Office of Career Strategy offered a starting point to looking for an externship and a job. They often went above and beyond to help Rodrigues find the externship that fit his career aspirations.

Christopher Rodrigues '19

Christopher Rodrigues '19

Undergrad: Lafayette College, BA in Government and Law
Recent Work: Summer Associate, Dechert LLP

"My Career Advisers gave me perspective and oriented me to my future. My interactions with them were always candid, and they always listened to me, tailoring their answers and guidance to match my goals."

From her 1L through her 3L years, Kristen Taylor '18 actively engaged and received consistent guidance from the Office of Career Strategy. Her advisers helped her to hone her resume, conduct mock interviews and connected her with alumni in the field. Prior to her interview with the Department of Justice, Taylor received invaluable advice, which she put into practice to help her land her post-grad employment.

Kristen Taylor '18

Kristen Taylor '18

Undergrad: Duquesne University, BA in Political Science
Current Work: Trial Attorney, Organized Crime and Gang Section of the Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice

"I could not have asked for a better support system. The Career Advisers gave me the tools I need to conduct myself in the workplace and guided my transformation from law student to legal professional."