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Navigating the Complexities of Health Law at CHOP

stasha sosnowicz

For those wishing to enter the highly regulated field of Health Law, Villanova Law provides aspiring attorneys with the foundational skills, hands-on experience and personalized guidance they need for success. Stasha Sosnowicz ’19 is one such student who was able to combine her legal skills with her interests in science, business and advocacy through an externship with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

As an extern, Sosnowicz was charged with researching issues related to Health Law and reviewing contractual materials between CHOP and other business entities. Navigating the differing and complex sources of applicable law proved to be the most challenging aspect of her externship.

“One of the things Villanova Law instilled in me is a strong background in legal research, which helped me immensely at CHOP,” Sosnowicz said. “The laws surrounding health care usually come from both state and federal statutes, regulations and case law. I had to very quickly become comfortable searching through those sources to find answers to complicated questions.”

In terms of her future career plans, her externship with CHOP helped her fine-tune her interests in the field.

Sosnowicz, who is President of Villanova’s Health Law Society, also credits Professor Michael Campbell, Director of Clinical Programs and the Interdisciplinary Mental and Physical Health Law Clinic, and his Health Care and the Law class with arming her with the critical knowledge and skills needed.

“The class gave me the background to the complex laws and regulations hospitals must follow,” said Sosnowicz. “I benefitted from having a fluency with business terminology and contract language, helping me to review and draft contracts. Without this preparation, I would not have been able to dive in as quickly to my externship.”

For students hoping to enter the Health Law field, Sosnowicz says it’s important to connect with faculty who have experience in the field for mentorship.

 “I've been lucky enough to find student and faculty mentors, like Professor Campbell, who have guided me in finding opportunities for me to grow as a law student.”