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Jason Kaner ’19 uses JD/MBA skills in role with NFL

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In today’s interconnected world, lawyers are increasingly being asked to provide both legal and business expertise to clients and organizations. To meet this challenge, Villanova Law and Villanova School of Business have partnered for the Reza Taleghani JD/MBA program, giving students the knowledge and skills required in for a practice that blends law and business.  

Jason Kaner ’19 enrolled in the JD/MBA program and in his 2L year found a way to combine his legal and business career pursuits with his interest in sports and entertainment law.

“I chose the JD/MBA program because I believed it would allow me to approach problems differently, and that it would open up more opportunities in the world of Sports and Entertainment,” said Kaner. “It’s also a difference maker when employers have to choose between candidates. Having legal skills allows you to issue spot and notice things a traditional business person may miss, while having an MBA gives you the technical skills needed in business.”

In addition to being well-prepared academically, Kaner learned first-hand that pursuing a career in sports law takes hard work and patience.

This past February, two weeks after the Super Bowl, Kaner embarked on an immersive experience externing with NFL Films in New Jersey. The production company, responsible for programming like Top 100, All or Nothing, Hard Knocks, America's Game, and Top 10, does not have on-site attorneys. This offered Kaner a unique opportunity to work amongst the NFL League Counsel in New York City to assist the production company.

“Working in sports is extremely competitive and a dream job for many. It’s hard to break in if you get discouraged by every application rejection or ignored email,” Kaner said. “I think it’s important to do things that differentiate yourself like I did by pursuing a JD/MBA. During my studies, I also developed a close working relationship with Professor Andrew Brandt. Working on projects with him, picking his brain, and developing a greater understanding of the business side of the game has been invaluable for me. I don’t know where else you get the opportunity to work with someone who ran an NFL franchise for close to a decade.”

Through his experience with NFL Films, Jason will be working in a new capacity within the league. This summer, Jason is continuing his work with the NFL in its Los Angeles office as he prepares to enter his 3L year in the fall. He will be joining the NFL Media team as a Club Media Policy Associate. There, he can continue to utilize his business and legal skills he has gained at Villanova Law.