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Ask the Grad: Class of 2018

Villanova University Charles Widger School is pleased to celebrate the graduates of the Class of 2018. This impressive group of students—poised for success—joins a tight-knit community of more than 10,000 Villanova Lawyers.

Before they embark on their next big adventure, we asked members of the Class of 2018 to share more about their Villanova Law experience.

Lizzie Flanagan

Christopher Lambe '18

What advice would you give the incoming Villanova Law class of 2021?

Get involved. Everyone says it but not everyone understands the benefit. Yes, it will look good on your resume because employers want to see that you’re able to juggle; at Villanova however, there is an added benefit. Whether it’s SBA, Pro Bono, PIFP, Journal, Moot Court, or one of the over 40 student organizations, you will build friendships that last a lifetime. Philadelphia is a close-knit legal network and our alumni network aims to take care of our own. Take the time. Build your friendships and participate as much as you can handle because it will pay dividends in your future when you happen to interview with someone who used to be in your exact shoes.


Lara Ruggerio '18

What are you most excited about after graduation?

I'm looking forward to seeing how much of law school "translates" into the "real world" and what I will learn next in practice.

What are you going to miss least about law school?

Taking exams! Although they are a necessary evil, they weren't the best experience. By the time I graduate I will have sat for 20 exams - up next is the Bar! 


Madison Bierley '18

What are you going to miss most about law school?

When I graduate, I will sincerely miss the law school community. The staff, faculty, and students have made Villanova my home for the last three years. It's a place where you can thrive academically while building lifelong friendships. I would be remiss not to mention all the free food, they keep us well feed at Villanova Law! 

lauren anthony

Addia Rodriguez '18

What are you going to miss most about law school?

The camaraderie with my classmates and the law school community. Over the last 3 years I've met some amazing people from all walks of life and we've gone through good and bad together. I will miss seeing everyone on a daily basis, reassuring each other we will make it to graduation, and having everyone laugh in class because I called someone ma'am. Whether I'm in the student services office talking to Marlene and Terrence, in the Alumni Office bothering Sarah with Val, or sitting in the commons wasting time it was always a good time. This place has truly become my home away from home (especially with all the hours I spent here).

gabriella soreth

Danielle Van Buren '18

What is your most memorable experience from Villanova Law?

Competing for the Moot Court Board with my best friend (Lara Ruggerio). Our first year we traveled to Brooklyn to compete the day after Barrister's Ball and this past year we were able to fly to UNC-Chapel Hill to compete. Being able to do what I love with such a great partner has been an incredible experience, and has provided me so many memories that I know I will never forget. 

effi taylor

Chandel Boozer '18

What is your most memorable experience from Villanova Law?

My most memorable experience is the Black Law Students Association's Black History Month Celebration. It's always a big event every year, and it as grown tremendously over the last three years. I'm proud to say I participated in and organized such a great event for the Villanova Law community.  

lauren anthony

Terrence Mitchell '18

What are you going to miss most about law school?

I think what I will miss most about law school is interacting as a mentor and an ambassador to prospective and incoming law students. The majority of us graduating have always dreamed of becoming attorneys but rarely were able to share that feeling with others. Upon entering law school, we joined other like-minded individuals and we spent hours together in classes. However, there is no better feeling than to give a tour or go to lunch with the next generation of law students and see the same spark and wonder I once had as a 1L student. I will miss representing Villanova in this fashion and I encourage others to mentor and assist the next class of Wildcats!

lauren anthony

Bridget Whan Tong '18

What advice would you give the incoming Villanova Law Class of 2021? 

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of all of the opportunities that Villanova Law has to offer!  There are so many student organizations, externships, fellowships, clinics, and other opportunities that will help you to not only explore different areas of law that you might be interested in, but also get to know so many fabulous people.  Law school can be overwhelming, so having these outlets outside of the classroom is important.  Be sure to immerse yourself in this fantastic community and surround yourself with people that will support you, will encourage you, and will make your law school experience more fun and exciting.  The three years are going to be incredibly busy and will fly by, so be sure to make them count!

If you're a 2018 Villanova Law graduate and want to share your experience, please email