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The Inaugural Dean’s Distinguished Fellows

Villanova Law is bringing to campus renowned scholars in a range of areas of law, leadership and business through the Dean’s Distinguished Fellows program. Among the leading academics in their respective fields, the invited Fellows will teach select courses, lead seminars and give lectures as part of their multiyear relationship with Villanova.

Jonathan Klick, PhD, Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and Kellye Testy, President of LSAC, are joining Villanova’s academic community as the first-ever Dean’s Distinguished Fellows.

“My vision with the Dean’s Distinguished Fellows is to bring to Villanova outstanding leaders in legal academia, such as Jonathan and Kellye,” remarked Dean Alexander. “Their work will immerse them in our learning community, benefiting faculty, students and staff at the Law School and across the University. I’m thrilled to welcome Jonathan and Kellye to Villanova.”

About the Dean’s Distinguished Fellows

Jonathan Klick

Jonathan Klick, PhD

Professor of Law, University of Pennsylvania School of Law

Education: George Mason University (JD and PhD in Economics); University of Maryland (MA in Economics); Villanova University (BS in Economics)

Specialty Areas: Law and Economics

Notable Scholarship: Published in The Journal of Economic Perspectives, The Journal of Law & Economics, The Journal of Legal Studies, The Stanford Law Review, The Columbia Law Review and The University of Chicago Law Review

Jonathan Klick’s work focuses on identifying the causal effects of laws and regulations on individual behavior using cutting-edge econometric tools. Specific topics addressed by his work include the relationship between abortion access and risky sex, the health behaviors of diabetics, the effect of police on crime, addiction as rational choice, and  how liability exposure affects the labor market for physicians, as well as a host of other issues.

Kellye Testy

Kellye Testy

President and CEO, Law School Admission Council

Education: Indiana University at Bloomington (JD and BA in Journalism)

Specialty Areas: Business and Corporate Law; Contracts; Law Schools and Legal Education; Leadership in the Legal Profession; LGBTQ Rights

Notable Scholarship: Published in Washington Law Review, Iowa Law Review, Law & Contemporary Problems, Law & Policy, California Law Review and Northwestern Law Review

A respected scholar, teacher and administrator, Kellye Testy focuses her research and scholarship on contracts, corporate governance, business entities, leadership and access to justice. She is known throughout academic and legal communities for her dedication to the rule of law and its commitment to justice and equality. A leader in legal education, she was the Toni Rembe Dean of the University of Washington School of Law from 2009 to 2017 and the president of the American Association of Law Schools in 2016.