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Welcome Class of 2020


Hailing from 20 states and the District of Columbia and from undergraduate institutions such as New York University, Loyola University, Virginia Tech and Fairfield University, the Charles Widger School of Law’s Class of 2020 was welcomed this week into the Villanova community. Many students in the Class come to law school with significant work experience, including prior positions as financial analysts, mechanical engineers, landscapers and more.  The Class is an impressive group of students from diverse backgrounds but with one common trait – outstanding academic credentials.

The Class of 2020’s Villanova experience began on August 16, 2017, with a welcome from Dean Mark Alexander. Dean Alexander urged the students to seek challenges and make tough decisions.

“It is too easy simply to let each day go by, to accept what it has, and to do no more than what is asked of you,” remarked Dean Alexander. “The challenge in being a lawyer worthy of this profession—and a student in the great Villanova Law tradition—is not to do the same thing every day. Have the courage to ask, to challenge, to question what you see.

The Villanova Law community excitedly welcomes the new students, commends them for their accomplishments and looks forward to their contributions to our community over the next three years and beyond.