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Lights, Camera, Action


At Villanova Law, students fine-tune their skills and apply what they learn in the classroom through experiential learning and networking opportunities. Villanova On Set (VOS) allows students from throughout the University to learn about different facets of the entertainment industry. This March, law student Ryan Raymond ’19 participated in the six-day program to further explore his interests in entertainment, media and sports law.

“Villanova On Set highlighted how invaluable the Nova Network is. We met many Villanova alumni who are working in the entertainment industry and making a major impact,” Raymond said.

A program of the Villanova University Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship Institute, Villanova On Set is an immersive experience in which students gain an understanding of the creative and production processes, the importance of networking, and the basics of business and media management, as well as the culture and geography of Los Angeles.

Raymond leapt at the opportunity to learn from industry greats. Students started each day at NBC Universal with Jerry DiCano ’79 CLAS, the studio’s executive vice president of production operations. Throughout the program, they also met with representatives from such entertainment titans as Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Hulu, Technicolor, United Talent Agency, Showtime, JuVee Productions, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Sonar Entertainment.

“Many of the people we spoke with stressed the importance of having a passion for the industry,” said Raymond. “That’s what will carry you through the challenges you will face in entertainment—the long hours, the low wages or the situations that will test your integrity and morals.”

And Raymond certainly has no shortage of passion. A chance encounter on a flight to New Zealand led to an informational interview with the founder of an entertainment law firm. Impressed with Raymond’s drive and his participation in the VOS program, the founder helped him secure an externship with an entertainment law firm for summer 2017.

“It's important to put what you want out there. You never know when you might meet someone who could get you one step closer to your goal,” Raymond said. “Foster relationships with the new people you meet because they could be the ones to help you get your next job.”