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Center for Peace and Justice Education

Welcome to the Center for Peace and Justice Education. We are an interdisciplinary academic program, informed by the Catholic social tradition, that focuses on issues of social justice and peace. The Center's curriculum is challenging and innovative, and attracts some of Villanova's finest faculty and students.

March Highlights

Graduate Student Just Peace Symposium

"Just Peace in the 21st Century" | Friday, March 18

This is an all-day event.  Please find description and schedule below. 

Oscar Romero Solidarity Lecture

Monday, March 21 | 7 PM

Roz Pichardo from Operation Save Our City will deliver this annual lecture.

Advocacy Week

Find out how you can join with other Villanovans to advocate for issues you care about Advocacy Week.

"Just Peace in the 21st Century"

Friday, March 18, 2022 | 9:30 AM–4:30 PM

West Lounge, Dougherty Hall

Registration begins at 9 AM.  Register virtually.

A sustainable just peace, focused on human dignity and the common good, must account for protecting all aspects of human life. The symposium will explore various perspectives from politics, religious practices, cultural understandings, environment, gender, science, technology and more.


Opening Comments and Plenary Session

9:30–10:15 AM

Opening Remarks (Dr. Mike Westrate, Assistant Vice Provost)

An Augustinian Conception of Just Peace (Fr. Allan Fitzgerald, Augustinian Institute)

Graduate Student Panel Sessions

Global Contexts for War and Peace

10:30 AM–Noon

Pivoting Toward Peace: Vatican II and the Framework for a Global Community (James Garcia, TRS)

Waging Geopolitical Warfare: The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bombs (Emily Alesia Poteat, HIST)

Theology of Religions, Religious Literacy, and Peace (Sujit Thomas, TRS)

Implications of Peace for Victims

1–2:30 PM

Addressing the Trauma of Domestic Violence through the Lens of Peace (Janet Abai, TRS)

China’s Women Liberation under Socialism since 1949 (Hui Zhang, PHIL)

On the Importance of Aesthetic Theology for Nonviolent Theology (Perdian Tumanan, TRS)

Models for Analyzing Conflict and Defense

3–4:30 PM

Nuclearism and the Limitations of Just Peace Approaches (Jacques Linder, TRS)

Inadequacy of jus ad bellum for Insurgencies and Counterinsurgencies (Joe Evans, TRS)

Nile River Basin and Water-Driven Interstate Conflict in the Warming World (Jessica Wood, GEO & ENV)

The Center for Peace & Justice Education is a member of the College of Arts and Sciences as well as a division of the Office for Mission and Ministry.

The academic program in Peace & Justice, open to all students in the University, offers an interdisciplinary approach to topics of peace and social justice. The course of study provides students with an opportunity to study the rich tradition of Catholic social teaching as applied to the complex problems of our time.

Courses focus on the components of a moral and just society, reflect on the alternative models for socially responsible resolution of injustice and conflict, and provide opportunities to learn the necessary skills to be advocates of a just and peaceful world. Many peace and justice courses meet requirements of the core curriculum. Students in each of the colleges of the university can complete a major or minor in Peace & Justice.

The Center for Peace & Justice Education also coordinates programming and opportunities for active engagement within and beyond the Villanova community.  The Center houses a variety of student organizations, sponsors numerous lectures and films, and presents annual awards for outstanding work in peace and justice.

The Center explicitly carries out the Catholic and Augustinian mission of the University by contributing to the search for peace and social justice through education rooted in the Catholic Social Tradition. Through its various components, the Center strives to help the University community understand the essential elements of a moral and just society, reflect on models for socially responsible resolution of injustice and conflict, and learn the necessary skills to be advocates for a just and peaceful world.

Components of the Center:

Learning Goal I:
Identify barriers to justice and sources of conflict
Learning Objectives

A) Identify social, political, religious, and natural barriers that create conflict or injustice

B) Demonstrate awareness of historical and other contexts in which conflict and injustice occur

C)  Offer a careful analysis of conflict or injustice with specific examples

Learning Goal II:
Assess conditions necessary for social justice and peaceful relations
Learning Objectives

A) Identify operative normative frameworks regarding peace and justice

B) Provide a coherent argument for normative claims regarding peace and justice

C) Demonstrate sensitivity to alternative frameworks and anticipate challenges to normative claims regarding peace and justice

Learning Goal III:
Create practical strategies to realize social justice and peaceful relations
Learning Objectives

A) Articulate a practical strategy/solution to a conflict or injustice that is social, political, religious, or personal

B) Demonstrate an awareness of the complexity of practical strategies/solutions and address potential challenges

C) Demonstrate an awareness of a broad, historical view of social change, including both individual/small-scale action as well as systemic/large-scale initiatives

Updated 9/29/16 by the CPJE Assessment Committee
Approved 10/19/16 by CPJE Faculty/Staff
Learn | Serve | Act

Departments across the University have collaborated to list opportunities to learn, serve, and act for justice both on and off campus. Click on the hands and check out the opportunities.

CPJE Alumni

This page is a forum for contact among alumni of our program. In addition, it provides information to prospective students about graduates of our program. Only graduates of our program who have provided us with the following information and indicated that they would like to be included on this web page will be listed below.

To Stay in Contact with Peace & Justice Network

Student and Alumni Peace & Justice Dinner

An impressive group of Peace and Justice alumni expressed an interest in creating a network of mentors for current Peace and Justice minors and concentrators. They came together on March 23, 2014 after much planning they hosted a dinner in the Villanova room where past and present Peace and Justice students could connect. A panel of 3-4 alumni spoke before dinner which was followed by a dialogue with various alumni over the course of the meal.They shared their experiences, offered networking opportunities, and discussed how they have integrated an education in peace and justice into their careers, their families, and their overall lives beyond graduation.

The current Peace and Justice minors and concentrators raved about this experience.The efforts of the Peace and Justice alumni has created a connection among the two groups that will foster many more P&J happenings in the future!



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Center for Peace & Justice Education

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