Mathematics Minor

Students who plan to get a minor should declare their intention as a sophomore by filing a Math Minor Application with Dr. Paul Pasles, Mathematics Minor Coordinator, in SAC 324, 610.519.7345.

To receive a math minor certificate, the student must see Dr. Pasles in person prior to the course registration for his/her final semester. Students may consult Dr. Pasles at any time for information and advice. If all requirements are satisfied, the certificate will be issued about two weeks after graduation and it will also appear on the student's transcript.

Requirements for Mathematics Minor

  • The analysis sequence:
    • MAT 1500 - Calculus I
    • MAT 1505 - Calculus II
    • MAT 2500 - Calculus III
  • Five elective courses: MAT 2600, MAT 2705, or math courses numbered 3000 or higher.

A student may petition to substitute no more than one of the five math minor electives with an upper division course in his/her own major. The proposed substitutions must contain substantial mathematical content and not overlap with any math minor elective courses.

Examples of acceptable substitutions are:

  • BIO 3105     Biostatistics & Exp Design
  • CEE 3705    Engineering Economics
  • CHM 3412   Physical Chemistry II
  • CHM 3416   Physical Chem for Engineers
  • CSC 4170   Theory of Computation
  • ECO 3138    Game Theory
  • FIN 2325     Introduction to Derivatives
  • ME 3103     Dynamical Systems III
  • MGT 3170   Data Mining
  • PHY 4202    Mathematical Physics II

The math minor form link is provided below. Please return the completed form to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in SAC, Room 305.


Minimum Math GPA requirement is a 2.0 for the eight math minor courses.