The Department offers four possible bachelor/master combined programs based on an undergraduate BS in either Mathematics or Statistics combined with a graduate MA in Mathematics or MS in Applied Statistics. That is, with either a Mathematics or Statistics undergrdaute degree, students can earn a Master of Arts in Mathematics or Master of Science in Applied Statistics degree.

By double counting up to four courses in both the undergraduate and graduate degrees (or up to three courses for those pursuing the MA in Mathematics), students can earn an undergraduate and Master's degree in approximately five years. In addition to benefiting from an accelerated timeframe, students in the combined programs receive a tuition remission for their final course in the program (or the final two courses for those pursing the MA in Mathematics). A maximum of five students are admitted into each program every academic year. 


Application Requirements

Any student applying to one of the combined programs must meet the following criteria:

  • an overall GPA of 3.3
  • a GPA of at least 3.5 in mathematics and statistics courses taken at Villanova
  • achievement of at least junior status (generally 65+ credits earned)

Students aiming to complete the MS in Applied Statistics Program must also do the following:

  • complete STAT 4310 with at least an A- prior to applying
  • complete at least 15 credits in Mathematics or Statistics prior to applying
  • complete the Application Form and send to Program Director Dr. Paul Bernhardt along with a copy of their unofficial transcripts

Students aiming to complete the MA in Mathematics Program must also do the following:

  • complete MAT 3500 prior to applying
  • complete at least 24 credits in Mathematics or Statistics
  • send an email to the Program Director Dr. Klaus Volpert along with a copy of their unofficial transcripts


Other Important Information

Any student completing a combined program will still complete all the requirements for their undergraduate major, including electives and core courses. Also, an undergraduate student is not permitted to take more than 16 credits in any semester in which they are enrolled in a graduate course.

It is recommended that any student considering a combined program should meet with the director of the master's program of their interest (Dr. Paul Bernhardt for Applied Statistics and Dr. Klaus Volpert for Mathematics).  For those pursuing a degree in Applied Statistics, specific graduate courses are recommended to be taken as an undergraduate (STAT 8406 Regression Methods, STAT 8400 Statistics Theory I, STAT 8401 Statistics Theory II) that can take the place of undergraduate courses (STAT 4315, STAT 5700, STAT 5705).

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