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Mathematics Major

The program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is designed to introduce students to the major aspects of contemporary mathematics.

By selecting appropriate electives, students may become well prepared either for positions in industry or for graduate study in mathematics and related disciplines. The mathematics major can prepare for a career in actuarial science, operations research, computer science, statistics, biostatistics, mathematical physics, business, finance, or any of many other areas that use mathematics.

Mathematics Major Requirements

The following MAT/STAT courses are required of Mathematics majors.  Courses with links have syllabi available.  Course descriptions are available in the course catalog.

  • MAT 1000 - Math and Stat Communities (starting with the Class of 2024)
  • MAT 1500 - Calculus I
  • MAT 1505 - Calculus II
  • MAT 2500 - Calculus III
  • MAT 2600 - Foundation of Math I
  • MAT 2705 - Diff Equation with Linear Alg
  • MAT 3300 - Advanced Calculus
  • MAT 3400 - Linear Algebra
  • MAT 3500 - Modern Algebra I
  • MAT 5900 - Seminar in Mathematics
  • One upper-level analysis course like MAT 4270, MAT 5400, or STAT 5700.
  • Four MAT or STAT electives numbered 3000 or above.  Certain approved courses from other departments such as CSC may also count.  

The following non-MAT/STAT courses are also required:

  • One approved science elective course at the science-major level, with a lab if appropriate.  CSC 1051 is the most common choice. 
  • A two-semester natural science sequence with labs at the science-major level.  A partial list of courses that qualify is given below.
  • All core requirements for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
  • At least 122 credit hours total as required by the University (or at least 40 three-credit courses for those starting before Fall 2019).

Many different natural science sequences are acceptable:

Physics courses:

  • PHY 2410 - University Phy: Mechanics with PHY 2411 - Lab: Mechanics and PHY 2412 - Univ Physics: Elec & Mag with PHY 2413 - Lab: Elec & Mag
  • PHY 1100 - General Physics I with PHY 1101 - General Physics I Lab and PHY 1102 - General Physics II with PHY 1103 - General Physics II Lab

Biology courses:

  • BIO 2105 - General Biology I and BIO 2106 - General Biology II

Chemistry courses:

  • CHM 1151 - General Chemistry I with CHM 1103 - General Chemistry I Lab and CHM 1152 - General Chemistry II with CHM 1104 - General Chemistry II Lab 

Environmental Science courses: 

  • GEV 1050 - Environmental Science I and GEV 1051 - Environmental Science II
  • Note: Help from GEV may be needed to register.

Astronomy courses:                         

  • AST 2122 (or AST 2120) with MSE 2150 and AST 2121 with MSE 2151.
  • Note: Help from AST is needed to register for the MSE labs.

Contact Information

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