Mathematics Major

The program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Statistics is designed to introduce students to the major aspects of contemporary mathematics.

By selecting appropriate electives students may become well prepared either for positions in industry or for graduate study in mathematics and related disciplines. The mathematics major can prepare for a career in actuarial science, operations research, computer science, statistics, biostatistics, mathematical physics or any of many other areas which use mathematics.

Mathematics Major Requirements

The following courses are required of Mathematics majors:

Additional Requirements

  • one approved upper level analysis course
  • four other mathematics courses numbered 3000 or above
  • a two-semester sequence of natural science courses with a lab at the science-major level*
  • one additional science course at the science-major level with lab if appropriate (eg. PHY 2414, PHY 2415, or CSC 1051)

 *Regarding the two-semester sequence, we strongly urge students to take:

Physics sequence:

but will allow one of the following 3 sequences:

Biology sequence:

Chemistry sequence:

  • CHM 1151 - General Chemistry I and CHM 1103 - General Chemistry
  • CHM 1152 - General Chemistry II and CHM 1104 - General Chemistry Lab II


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