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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

We will be working mostly remotely during the fall 2020 semester; however we can be reached by email.  If you have course requests or changes, please email Dr. Charles Ashley at Thank you.

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics offers a standard course of study for a mathematics major to provide the student with an introduction to the major branches of mathematics as an academic discipline within the context of a comprehensive education in the liberal arts and sciences. Students who complete the Mathematics program will be prepared for a broad range of opportunities in business, government, and service industries, as well as being prepared to undertake graduate study in mathematics and related disciplines. 

Mathematics majors entering Villanova University must plan their academic programs in accord with the requirements set forth in the Villanova University Catalog of Undergraduate Studies. You must satisfy the requirements of the Core program of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Even if course requirements are changed while you are a student here, you must meet the requirements in effect at the time you entered.

You may also explore the Math Learning Resource Center and any of the other available resources for any assistance that you need with your classes. 

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
SAC Room 305
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085 
Tel: 610.519.4850
Fax: 610.519.6928

Dr. Jesse Frey

Christine Gadonas 610.519.4809
Maria W. Barrett  610.519.4850