As a Catholic university, Villanova respects the dignity and sacredness of each person. The University’s Mission Statement affirms that we “seek to nurture a concern for the common good” and “an enthusiasm for the challenge of responsible and productive citizenship in order to build a just and peaceful world.”




Public Safety
The Department of Public Safety is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Contact: Emergency: 610-519-4444
Non-Emergency: 610-519-6979
Title IX investigator: 610-519-6378

Title IX Coordinator
The Title IX Coordinator works with the Villanova community and Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator (SARC) team on education and training to help prevent incidents of discrimination.
Contact: Ryan Rost, Title IX Coordinator, 610-519-8805

Dean of Students
The Dean of Students Office is committed to supporting and assisting students in their overall development and as members of the greater Villanova community.
Contact: Tom DeMarco, Dean of Students; 610-519-4200

Residence Life
Resident Assistants are on duty in the evening and overnight hours and serve as valuable resources for students in resident halls.
Contact: 610-519-4152 or


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI)
The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) is committed to cultivating an academic environment that is marked by genuine curiosity about different perspectives, ardent receptivity to knowledge generated through intercultural connections, and a genuine sensitivity to the variety of human experiences.
Contact: Dr. Terry Nance, Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; 610-519-5719

Intercultural Affairs
The Office of Intercultural Affairs creates and supports programming that fosters a community of respect and inclusion with a special focus on underrepresented students.
Contact: Dr. Eloise Berry, Director, Office of Intercultural Affairs; 610-519-6633

Intergroup Relations
Intergroup Relations (IGR) is an educational experience about issues of social justice and teaches students, faculty and staff to create meaningful relationships and dialogue among people from different sexual, social, economic, racial and ethnic groups.


Counseling Center
Counseling Center services are free of charge to current students. Call for an appointment between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Contact: 610-519-4050

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Contact: 610-519-4070


Campus Ministry
Campus Ministry stands united against any targeting of people based on perceptions about identity or beliefs.
Contact: John P. Edwards, Director for Center for Pastoral Ministry Education; 610-519-3507 Fr. Joe Calderone, OSA, staff advisor to OASIS; 610-519-7477



Anonymous Crime Reporting at VU
Anonymous Crime Reporting allows individuals to report any type of criminal activity occurring on campus. All reports are responded to by a Public Safety Officer or other University official.
EthicsPoint is an anonymous reporting tool for wrongdoing on campus and is available online or via phone.
Contact: 855-236-1443

Nova Safe   

Nova Safe is a free smartphone app designed to help the Department of Public Safety respond quickly to emergency situations.

SARC Team   
The Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator (SARC) team is a group of Villanova staff and faculty members who have completed extensive training on how to support survivors of sexual violence at Villanova. SARC team members are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Contact: 484-343-6028

VU Pride and OASIS   

VU Pride and OASIS are LGBTQ+ ally groups on campus where all are welcome. OASIS is a confidential group for the LBGTQ+ student community.
Contact: and


The Attic Youth Center
255 South 16th Street
Philadelphia, Pa. 19102
Provides opportunities for LGBTQ+ youth to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults within a safe and supportive community.

Mazzoni Center
1348 Bainbridge Street
Philadelphia, Pa. 19147
Provides comprehensive health and wellness services in an LGBTQIA+-focused environment.

Institute for Welcoming Resources
Provides resources to facilitate a paradigm shift in multiple denominations whereby churches become welcoming and affirming of all congregants regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.
New Ways Ministry   
Educates and advocates for justice and equality for LGBTQ Catholics and reconciliation within the larger church and civil communities.

The first and largest organization for LGBTQ+ people, their parents, families and allies.

The Trevor Project   
Provides confidential support for LGBTQ+ youth in crisis. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

William Way LGBTQIA+ Community Center
1315 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, Pa. 19107
Encourages, supports and advocates for the well-being and acceptance of sexual and gender minorities in the Greater Philadelphia region through service, recreational, educational and cultural programming.

Below is a list of inclusive restrooms which any person is welcome to use. These restrooms can benefit many different people, including parents with children, people who may require the accompaniment of a caregiver of a different gender, trans and gender-nonconforming people, or people who simply would prefer additional privacy.

Building, Location and Accessibility

Charles Widger School of Law
Ground floor near the cafeteria
Accessibility: Yes

Driscoll Hall

First floor in hallway between 132 and 134
Second floor by elevator
Accessibility: Yes

Falvey Library
First floor near Holy Grounds
Accessibility: Yes

Garey Hall
Second floor (two restrooms)
Accessibility: No

Health Services Building (HSB)
Two restrooms located on each floor
Accessibility: Yes

John Barry Hall
First and Second floors
Accessibility: No

Kennedy Hall
First floor (two restrooms)
Accessibility: No

Middleton Hall
First, second and third floors
Accessibility: No

St. Augustine Center for Liberal Arts (SAC)
Ground floor (two restrooms)
Accessibility: Yes

St. Rita's Hall
Ground and first floors
Accessibility: Ground (no), first (yes)

Structure Lab
Main Floor (two restrooms)
Accessibility: Yes

Technology Services Building (TSB)
First and second floors
Accessibility: Yes

Tolentine Hall
First, second and third floors
Accessibility: Yes

Scholarships for LGBTQIA+ Students

Gender and Sexuality Information

Victory Empowerment Fellowship & Internship Scholarship
The Victory Empowerment Fellowship consists of two programs provided by the Victory Institute: the Candidate & Campaign Training and the International LGBTQ Leadership Conference and a year-long mentorship program.

The fellowship covers flight, hotel and registration for Victory's Candidate and Campaign Training and International LGBT Leadership Conference, and includes a mentorship program. 

Applications for the Victory Empowerment Fellowship will officially open in November.

Victory Institute's Victory Congressional Internship
The Victory Institute's Victory Congressional Internship and Victory Congressional Fellowship are developing the next generation of out public leaders. Each summer, the Victory Congressional Internship brings outstanding LGBTQ college students to Washington, D.C., for an intensive leadership program, including:

  • An eight-week Congressional internship with a member of the LGBTQ Equality Caucus or an LGBTQ-friendly member of U.S. Congress to learn firsthand about the federal legislative process; and
  • An educational and leadership development program to learn about the legislative process and careers in policy-making.

Sign up to receive information for next year's scholarship program.

International LGBTQ Leaders Conference
Every December, more than 500 LGBTQ elected officials, leaders and advocates from across the world come together for the International LGBTQ Leaders Conference in Washington, DC. The conference includes three days of networking and skills-building as we strategize the year ahead in our movement for equality.

Last year’s speakers included U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Senator Cory Booker, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Virginia Delegate Danica Roem, and dozens of others. 

Feel free to reach out to Mario Enríquez, Director of Domestic Programs, with any questions:




VU Pride is a group of students, faculty and staff working together to foster awareness and celebration of LGBTQIA+ identities on campus. We are dedicated to respecting all human beings and building a community of care and compassion.

Students celebrating VU Pride
Our Goals:
  • To educate the Villanova community regarding issues of sexual orientation
  • To foster a welcoming community for LGBTQIA+ students
  • To combat homophobic attitudes on campus
Our Mission:
  • To present an environment that does not make assumptions about its members with regard to sexual orientation and/or gender;
  • To promote a tolerant atmosphere at Villanova for people of all sexual orientations through education;
  • To foster discussion on issues related to sexual orientation;
  • To provide support for people with friends and family who are of a minority sexual orientation; and
  • To acknowledge and respect the values and beliefs of the Villanova community as a Catholic and Augustinian university.

Abe Manfredonia, '21
Kashe Garland, '22

Secretary and Public Relations
Erin Hanlon, 22

Programming and Activities
Izzy (Isabelle) McIIvaine, 22

OASIS Liasions
Valentina Wey, '23
AB Murray, '23

Public Relations
Alexa Thompson, '23

Fr. Joe Calderone, OSA, Campus Ministry
Kathy Byrnes, Student Life

As a Catholic university, Villanova respects the dignity and sacredness of each person. The University’s Mission Statement affirms that we “seek to nurture a concern for the common good” and “an enthusiasm for the challenge of responsible and productive citizenship in order to build a just and peaceful world.”

Towards that end, all people, including people attracted to members of the same sex, are deserving of pastoral care. All of us need the redemptive love of Christ. Pastoral care puts its focus here for all of us. Love of neighbor, of all neighbors, is a Gospel demand in accord with which all of us will be judged.

OASIS Group Photo

Oasis is a confidential, small group opportunity where a safe zone is established to engage in an open dialogue about the issues relevant to queer or questioning individuals. Participants share their experiences and connect with one another during the biweekly meetings.

Oasis is open to students who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and wish to connect with others through the topics of sexual orientation and gender identity. These meetings offer relief from feelings of isolation and an opportunity to find true friendship and the authentic Augustinian community that results from a common dedication to the truth and a shared vision of the dignity of the human person.

Oasis meets regularly in the evening throughout the semester. For further information contact Father Joe Calderone via phone (610-519–7477) or email. We will discreetly respond to all earnest calls and emails with the location and time of our next meeting.

Students can also find resources within Student Life through VU Pride and Safe Zone.

The It Gets Better Project's mission is to communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth around the world that it gets better, and to create and inspire the changes needed to make it better for them.




Image of the Villanova University Safe Zone program logo.

Upcoming Safe Zone trainings will be available soon!

Safe Zone is a visible presence on campus supporting the LGBTQIA+ community that provides education and training related to LGBTQIA+ topics and issues. We strive to create a community of respect and care for each person.

The Safe Zone program provides support for the LGBTQIA+ community at Villanova and provides educational opportunities for all community members. Safe Zone helps to create a welcoming and open environment for all and seeks to provide opportunities for increased awareness and visibility of LGBTQ related issues and needs.

Safe Zone trained community members display a Safe Zone logo on their door or backpack showing their support of the LGBTQ community. Faculty, staff and students across the university are among our Safe Zone members. Additionally, resident assistants, members of VU Pride and Health Promotion's POWER peer educators are known as allies and are Safe Zone-trained.

Upcoming Safe Zone trainings will be available soon! Please email Teri O'Brien for additional information.

Each semester members of the Villanova community (faculty, staff and students) are invited to become Safe Zone trained. The training, called Safe Zone 101, is two hours and is offered four to five times each academic year. Upon completing Safe Zone 101, participants are expected to engage in a second training within the year, called Safe Zone 2.0. Safe Zone 2.0 is designed to focus on particular topics related to the LGBTQ IA+ experience of students at Villanova.



Help us in our campaign to eliminate homophobia from our campus and create a welcoming community for all students. Email us!

If you identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and want to meet other queer individuals in a safe and confidential location, attend Oasis’s bi-weekly meetings. For more information contact Father Joseph Calderone by phone at 610-519–7477 or via email.



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Additional Resources
We believe an inclusive community fosters an understanding and appreciation for diversity among our students, faculty, staff and administrators. Below are additional resources to help our fellow Villanovans.

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