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Ethics and Compliance Reporting

Each member of the Villanova University community has a responsibility to ensure that their conduct complies with the applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations and University policies or procedures.  Members of the community are strongly encouraged to ask questions and raise concerns, and in instances when community members know of or suspect misconduct, there are a variety of reporting options.

Reporting Options

Reporting options are available through internal University channels or through a confidential, third-party reporting tool. Anyone can make a “good faith” report, which means you are expected to provide information you know or suspect is true.  Villanova prohibits retaliation against any individual who, in good faith, makes a complaint, voices a concern, or cooperates in an investigation.

Internal University Reporting:

The best place to raise a concern or ask a question is through discussion with College, School or Department management or leadership; or, by directly contacting specific departments with operational oversight, such as: Human Resources, Environmental Health and Safety, Internal Audit and University Compliance.  A comprehensive listing of compliance-related contacts can be found within the University Compliance Directory.  

Third-Party Confidential Reporting Service:

If raising concerns through discussion with appropriate members of management and leadership is not possible, or has proven to be unsatisfactory, the University offers a confidential, third-party reporting line—EthicsPoint—to report non-compliance or misconduct (e.g., due to violations of law and/or University policy, mismanagement of funds/resources). 

EthicsPoint provides online and telephone-based reporting to give University faculty, staff and students an anonymous and confidential way to address misconduct in the workplace or classroom setting.  Visit the EthicsPoint webpage for Villanova University to learn more or to file a report online or by calling the EthicsPoint toll-free number at 855-236-1443.

Emergency Reporting:

Please remember that this service is NOT to be used in case of emergencies. In case of emergencies, DIAL:

  • 9-4444 (on-campus to reach Public Safety)
  • 610-519-4444 (off-campus to reach Public Safety)
  • or 911.

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