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The Villanova Singers is Villanova's traditional chorus for men. This highly acclaimed and versatile men's chorus dates back to 1953 when Harold Gill Reuschlein, Dean of Villanova's Law School, established the group for the purpose of singing various types of music and enriching the cultural life of the University. Dean Reuschlein began a tradition of brotherhood in song that has grown to be one of the most active and successful organizations on campus. Dean Reuschlein was known to say that he was "as proud of the Villanova Singers as I am of what the Law School has become."

Since 1963, the Singers have logged almost 200,000 miles, stretching as far west as California, as far north as Canada, as far south as Brazil and as far east as Poland. Tours have included trips to Brazil, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain and Puerto Rico.




The Villanova Voices is a welcoming and inclusive treble choir that sings a variety of choral music such as standard & contemporary choral repertoire (including SATB works in collaboration with the men's choir, the Villanova Singers), spirituals, Broadway musical selections, and pop music arrangements. The Villanova Voices is the longest standing organization founded by women within Villanova University. Originally called the Villanova Women's Glee Club, the group was founded shortly after Villanova became coeducational, in 1960, by 20 ambitious students from the University's College of Nursing. Today, more than 30 Voices from diverse fields of study still join together each semester to share in their common love of music.

Becoming increasingly visible on and off campus, the Voices have many performance opportunities each year, including Homecoming, the Villanova Christmas Tree Lighting, Commencement, leading the national anthem at home basketball and football games, and international tours. The annual Christmas and Spring concerts with the Villanova Singers remain the highlight of each semester, showcasing all of our musical work together each semester. Together, our two groups have enjoyed the intellectual and vocal challenge of preparing major works like Handel’s Messiah, Rutter’s Gloria, the Faure Requiem, Bernstein's Chichester Psalms, and Mozart's Requiem and Coronation Mass.

In the summer of 2022, the Voices and Singers had their Carnegie Hall Debut as part of a festival chorus singing The Mozart Requiem. The Voices tour each year, alternating between international and domestic destinations. In Spring 2023, both choirs performed in Barcelona and Valencia, Spain, including Mass participations in La Sagrada Familia and the Valencia Cathedral, which was the Episcopal seat of St. Thomas of Villanova. Past tour destinations have included concert tours to Italy, including the honor singing Mass at the Vatican; Brazil, Costa Rica, The Czech Republic, Austria, Southern Spain, New York City, Washington, DC, Montréal, and Toronto.






The Haveners are Villanova’s original women's a cappella group, singing everything from Dua Lipa to Hozier to The Cheetah Girls.
The Haveners perform all over campus for events like Special Olympics and Homecoming and also have off-campus performances at other universities including universities such as St. Joseph’s University and the University of Delaware. Additionally, the Haveners had the incredible opportunity to open for the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall.
The Haveners were formed as a subgroup of the Villanova Voices, the women's choral group at the University. Together with the Voices we perform at concerts, sing the national anthem at Villanova basketball games, and go on tour to places like Spain and Montreal.




Measure Up, founded in 2018, is an a cappella group focused on singing R&B and is dedicated to fostering diversity at the University by providing a new sound to campus by celebrating the diverse backgrounds of our members.
Measure Up strives to champion inclusivity and offers a safe space to express oneself through singing, song arrangement and sometimes choreography! As Villanova’s newest a cappella group, Measure Up is continually looking for new insight and perspective to help our group develop as we establish ourselves within Villanova’s vibrant arts community. Each time we add a new member to the group our family grows even stronger!




Minor Problem is one of Villanova's three all-gender a cappella groups! During weekly rehearsals, Minor Problem is committed to making excellent music and having fun. The organization performs all around campus and members are responsible for arranging all music performed. Minor Problem makes an effort to perform music from many different genres and is known for putting on exciting and energetic shows.




Established in 2005, Nothing But Treble (fondly known as NBT) is one of Villanova's a cappella groups for women. The women of NBT can be found all over campus in a variety of majors and activities, but they come together to sing as one fun, crazy, food-loving group of friends. Our recent setlists include songs by artists such as Demi Lovato, Khalid, Beyonce, Maggie Rogers, Chance the Rapper and more!




The Villanova Sirens were established in the Spring of 2006 and are one of three women's a cappella groups on campus. They are completely student-run and try to maintain a core group between 10 and 12 students. This fun-loving group of women shares a bond that can be seen on and off stage. The Sirens perform a variety of songs, ranging from artists such as Billie Eilish and Maggie Rogers to The Fugees and The Weeknd.




The Spires are a selective 14-man a cappella subgroup of the Villanova Singers. They sing a variety of popular music and have toured across the U.S.A. as well as such international destinations as Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain and Puerto Rico.

The Spires can often be found entertaining audiences on Villanova's campus and the Philadelphia area. The group was founded in the late 1950s mainly as a barbershop singing group. In the early sixties, members included folk/pop icon Jim Croce, music producer Tommy West, and Tim Hauser of the Manhattan Transfer, who helped steer the group toward folk music. The music kept evolving into what it is today and the group continues to produce great sounds and exciting shows.




The Supernovas are Villanova’s oldest co-ed a cappella group, founded in 2000. Singing music that spans a wide variety of decades and genres (like Florence and the Machine, Coldplay, Kanye West and Elton John), the Supernovas are not just musicians but a group of close friends.
Throughout the year, the Supernovas perform at a variety of events on and off Villanova's campus from basketball games to Villanova’s Special Olympics Fall Festival. In the past, the Supernovas have performed at benefit concerts for Hurricane Relief, toured NYC and Washington DC with other a cappella groups, performed at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia as part of the PIFA Festival, and competed in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. 




Vocal Minority is a men's a cappella group that was founded in 2003. Vocal Minority began as a group of guys who just wanted to sing and "chill". Today, the group is still just that: a bunch of guys who love singing but also have an awesome time doing it. Our repertoire features music spanning classic rock, alternative, hip-hop, and R&B. We sing everything from The Eagles, Jason Mraz, Boyz II Men, Maroon 5, and much more!






Image of Villanova students dancing at a performance


Ablaze is Villanova’s multicultural hip-hop dance team. While Ablaze’s main style is hip-hop, we also explore diverse older and contemporary elements of dance from across the world. What started out as an idea quickly became a reality in the spring semester of 2010 when Ablaze first hit the ground running with fresh moves and upbeat music selections. Gaining broad campus popularity, Ablaze has performed at many venues on- and off-campus. Ablaze is certainly not your average dance team, our dancers ignite change and look good while doing it.



The Villanova Dance Company and Ensemble is a group of extremely dedicated dancers who perform at various events in and around the Villanova community. Company and Ensemble members attend classes on Monday and Wednesday nights and rehearsals on Sundays in St. Mary’s Hall.

Each semester, our groups perform their own creative choreography, numbers choreographed by advisors, and pieces choreographed by outside professional companies in a showcase for friends and family. Additionally, the Company performs at university events such as Special Olympics, St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service, and Family and Parents Weekend. As a team, the Dance Company supports the Villanova men and women's basketball programs by guest-performing for Villanova fans at designated games throughout the season.

Our organization is divided into two groups that work together: The Dance Ensemble and the Dance Company.


The Ensemble is a group of individuals who have a passion for dance but do not have as much time to commit to the Company. They do not need to audition and are only required to attend one of our two weekly classes and to be in our end-of-semester showcase.


The Company is a select group of dancers who perform at events on- and off-campus. They are required to audition at the beginning of the year, attend class twice a week, be present for Company rehearsals and other events. Additionally, Company members are allowed to choreograph pieces for showcases after being in Company for one semester.

The Villanova Dance Company also offers an intensive dance camp for incoming freshmen each summer. This helps potential new members get to know our group leaders, members and dance style.




In the spring of 2006, the Villanova Irish Dance Team was founded by a small group of dedicated dancers. The entirely student-run organization is a close-knit group of students who enjoy sharing their long-standing love for Irish dance, music, and culture with the entire Villanovan community.

Members attend weekly rehearsals in St. Mary’s Hall to perfect dances, work on drills, and keep up with competition sets. The group’s presence on campus continues to grow with many performances, including Family and Parent’s Weekend, Homecoming Weekend, and multiple basketball games.  

In the fall of 2013, the team established its first Intercollegiate Irish Dance Festival, which invites colleges across the country and audiences of approximately 500 attendees to celebrate traditional Irish dance with a modern flare.




NovaNASSA stands as one of Villanova University's premier co-ed competitive dance teams, competing nationwide with a remarkable blend of classical Indian technique, the expressive flair of Bollywood, and the dynamic, rhythmic elements of hip-hop and other contemporary dance styles. This distinctive fusion results in electrifying and captivating performances that vividly display the team's versatility and boundless creativity. The team's effortless integration of diverse dance genres mirrors their deep passion for artistic exploration and unwavering commitment to embracing a myriad of cultures.
As ambassadors of cultural fusion and the art of dance, NovaNASSA's steadfast dedication to excellence, unity, and inclusivity has solidified their status as a celebrated and highly respected part of the Villanova community.




We are Villanova's official tap ensemble on campus! Established in 2019, NOVANoise is a close-knit group of dancers excited to welcome students into the world of tap dancing, and anyone regardless of experience is encouraged to join. The tap ensemble typically practices 2 times a week, while focusing on technique/combos as well as rehearsing routines for upcoming performances. A traditional tap class will normally include a short warm-up, across the floor, and either a combo, improvisation, or additional technique development. In regards to events, NOVANoise has performed at several on-campus opportunities, including NOVAdance, Dance Palooza, Boo Palooza, and showcases hosted by other student ensembles. The members of NOVANoise also enjoy organizing social events outside of tap class, including dinners, trips to NYC, and other unique activities. We do a Big/Little bonding experience similar to Greek life which adds to the fun!

NOVANoise is an amazing dance experience filled with so many fun, talented tap dancers, and we would love for you to be a part of our group! If you have any questions or interest in NOVANoise, please feel free to contact us by emailing  




NOVA Step Nation was created to empower students of all shades and backgrounds through stepping.  Stepping is a historic body percussion dance that stems from the roots of early West African music and dances. Stepping is a mixture of chanting, dancing, singing, and more. We strive to teach our student body about this rich cultural tradition and build community. We seek to inspire or rekindle the love of heritage with our movement. We are open to all genders. Our main goal is to make sure that each and every member will leave our meeting feeling as though they had a great time and enjoyed themselves.


Social Media Links will be added throughout Summer 2022


The Superlative is an all-styles, multicultural dance team that centers its core foundation around Hip-Hop in all of its various forms. “All-styles” is a term used to describe a dance group that incorporates multiple dance styles and cultures. Founded in 2014, The Superlative performs to teach audiences the beauty of dance through the blending of styles. Our team encourages people to accept cultures different from their own and utilize these differences to grow. Our group’s members have backgrounds in Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Bollywood, West African dance, Dancehall, and Jazz. The Superlative gives each person the opportunity to pursue their passion of dance, whether or not they had experience before joining. Beyond dancing, our team values the friendships we build through our shared passion.




The Wazobia African Dance Company performs various dances of the African diaspora (African, step, modern, and hip-hop genres) and brings these traditions to the Villanova community.  Student choreography is welcomed and encouraged. As the name Wazobia implies, the group promotes UNITY: it stems from a call of unity of three Nigerian Ethnic groups. That is, unity of its members, unity of members to the campus, and unity of self-expression and all genres of performance art. Members of Wazobia not only have a place to dance and create, but enter a supportive community for artistic exploration. 

Students of all backgrounds are welcome to dance with Wazobia! No prior experience or familiarity with these genres is required.






The Villanova Dance Team (VUDT) is one of the most active and recognizable groups on campus and in the Villanova community. The team performs at all home football and men's basketball games as well as other athletic and campus events throughout the year. Additionally, VUDT is proud to represent Villanova each January at the UDA College Nationals Championship alongside our cheer team and mascot, Will D. Cat. The Villanova Dance Team practices 3-4 times a week and maintains an average GPA over 3.5 annually.

Our campus/community involvement includes:

  • Performing pre-game, half-time, and sideline routines at Villanova football games
  • Performing time-out routines and Wildcat Walks at Villanova men’s basketball games
  • Performing at the Big East Conference Tournament and the NCAA Tournament
  • Performing for VU events and community service (including Hoops Mania, St. Thomas Day of Service, Special Olympics Fall Festival, Candidates' Day, 1842 Day, NOVA Dance, Homecoming, and Parents’ Weekend)
  • Attending UDA Summer College Dance Camp
  • Competing at UDA College Nationals in Orlando, Florida
  • Serving as ambassadors of Villanova by upholding, reflecting and projecting the values of the University






Image of the Villanova band performing


The Villanova Band is open to all who have the desire to pursue music as an extracurricular activity at Villanova. We stress that our band is not a big time commitment, nor is it designed for music majors. Rather, it provides an opportunity to those who play because they enjoy doing so. Everyone involved is a member because they want to be one. Unlike high school, no one's parents are forcing him or her to stay in because, "it looks good for college," or because, "it's an easy A to boost your average." Villanova band members are true amateurs which comes from the Latin word meaning to love what you do. We accept all members regardless of musical ability.

The Villanova Band is one of the most active organizations on campus. We perform for various university functions throughout the year. We are most visible as a pep band at Villanova basketball games; however, we do a lot more. The Villanova Band operates as the University's pep band, scramble band, and concert band all in one. We have a great time during the year, probably better than any other organization on campus. It is an exciting and rewarding experience that continues even after you graduate. In addition, students can join the jazz band regardless of whether or not they are in any of the other bands.


Emphasizing the musical nature of the band, the concert band plays a wide range of music from all time periods. These include pieces from the Classical and Romantic eras, various marches, and modern wind ensemble pieces. We have three concert band performances each year: a Student Performing Arts Showcase performance during Family and Parent Weekend, a Winter Concert, and a Spring Concert. We also take a fall tour every year during our fall break where we perform at various places across the country promoting Villanova University.


The band is most visible when playing at basketball games. We play a wide variety of pep band music ranging from pop to dixieland. Traditionally, Villanova Band members have been among the most avid basketball fans at school. We provide entertainment and are an integral part of the rich tradition of Villanova basketball. We attend all home basketball games, and, thanks to the revival of the Big Five, some away games as well. We go to the Big East Tournament held in Madison Square Garden in New York every year, and, if we’re lucky enough, the illustrious NCAA Tournament. Trips to these tournaments are free of charge for band members.


During football games, the band acts both as a pep band in the stands and as a scramble band when we put on a halftime field show. For our halftime show, unlike a traditional marching band, we scramble onto the field and in between our pieces rather than marching. We also have the opportunity to play for tailgaters before the football game.



Chamber Strings offers Villanova students the opportunity to explore a passion for music in a relaxed atmosphere while working on a repertoire of pieces that vary from contemporary to classical. We offer a traditional concert at the end of each semester, as well as performance opportunities on campus and in the local community, depending on our members' interests. Villanova Chamber Strings is great for any student who wants to pursue a passion for music as an extracurricular activity. This program welcomes musicians specializing in violin, viola, cello, and double bass, but we do include pieces with guitar, piano, harp, and other instruments as either accompaniment or featured soloist. Many of our members are involved with other extracurricular activities and even other performing groups, so Chamber Strings offers flexibility in attendance at rehearsals with the understanding of time commitments of academic and other related responsibilities. 




The Villanova Jazz Band consists of student musicians who share a love of playing jazz music. While a structured like a traditional big band, the Villanova Jazz Band plays a wide variety of music ranging from the swing era to bebop, Latin, modern funk, rock, and pop.

Rehearsals take place every Wednesday night in the St. Mary’s Theater. There are also three concerts performed by the jazz band every year, with two taking place in the John and Joan Mullen Center for the Performing Arts and one at the Belle Air Terrace inside of the Connelly Center.






Image of students posing on a Villanova stage at the Mullen Center for Performing Arts

Villanova theatre groups are affiliated with the Department of Theatre. We encourage you to visit their website for additional information.




Image of a choral group performing during a religious service.

As part of the Center for Worship and Spirituality and the Office for Mission and Ministry, the Villanova Pastoral Musicians serve a vital role in ministering to the campus community. We encourage you to visit their website for additional information.



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