Parking regulations are in effect 24/7 and as needed during break periods and holidays. All parking areas are monitored by Public Safety who may request identification in the form of your Villanova Wildcard, current driver's license and vehicle registration or owner's card. Refusal to comply with the officer’s request may result in disciplinary action taken within the University. In addition, the appropriate municipal police department may be called to investigate ownership and take possible trespass action.

Parking enforcement has the authority to issue parking violation notices and order vehicles in violation to be immobilized or towed from campus. Vehicles that fail to present a parking permit or provide proper parking fees are subject to enforcement.



Villanova parking citations can be paid online with a credit card. Citations must be paid or appealed within 10 days to avoid additional penalty. 

Only appeal a citation issued to your vehicle. Third Party Vendors must appeal their own Citations or please advise them to contact the Parking Office. 


  1. Unregistered vehicles are subject to immobilization (booting) or removal from campus property by a private tow operator at the owner’s expense.
  2. If you vehicle has been booted, remove the orange door handle tag and bring to the Public Safety Office located in Garey Hall. Be prepared to pay the Boot, Daily Fee, and any preexisting Citations. Bring valid ID and Proof of Ownership to claim responsiblility for the vehicle. If you are faculty, staff, or eligible student, you will be issued the proper permit for an available lot at the current permit price. If you are not eligible for a permit, the vehicle must be removed from campus immediately.
  3. Attempting to remove an immobilizer boot or operate the vehicle with the immobilizer installed will result in damage to the vehicle as well as the immobilizer. Any tampering with an immobilization device will result in loss of parking privileges, and the owner/operator will be responsible for any replacement costs as well as removal charge.
  4. In the event that a boot is misplaced or stolen, the University theft policy will be applicable.
  5. For a towed vehicle, the owner of the vehicle must contact Public Safely. The owner will be provided the tow company information. The owner is responsible for all tow fees. The vehicle is not to return back to campus without prior authorization from the Parking Director.
  6. If you receive a boot, you must come to Public Safety in Garey Hall in order to have the boot removed in addition to paying the boot citation. A $15 daily fee is applied everyday the boot is in place.

The Parking Office is located in Garey Hall.

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