It is understood that the operation of vehicles on campus by any person and the acceptance of parking privileges is an agreement of all motorists to abide by Villanova University’s rules and regulations. It is also understood that the University is not liable for personal injury, damage, or loss of property arising from the use of its parking facilities and roadways. The cooperation of all motorists on campus is needed for these regulations to be effective in establishing and ensuring safe driving conditions and orderly parking on Villanova's campus. The University reserves the right to amend these regulations at any time.

Villanova parking lots are private. Use of the parking lots, permitted or not permitted, subjects you to the parking regulations and enforcement. Enforcement includes but is not limited to citations, booting, revoking parking privileges, reporting to the Dean of Students or Human Resources, and/or towing from campus.

These regulations are applicable to any operator and/or owner of a motor vehicle operated or parked on Villanova University Property. A motor vehicle, as defined by these regulations, includes automobiles, motorcycles, mopeds, motor scooters, motor bikes, and any other self-propelled, land-driven vehicles. Trailers for towing of motor vehicles, boats, etc. are not permitted to be parked on Villanova University property without prior approval from the Director of Public Safety or the Director of Parking & Transportation.


  1. All motor vehicles parked on Villanova University property must be registered with the Parking Office and must have a valid parking permit.
  2. All persons must register a vehicle that is theirs or a member of their household. Registering another person's vehicle will make you financially responsible for all citations and constitutes fraud. Employees, Graduate Students, and Law Students can register more than one vehicle if issued a virtual or hangtag permit. Decals can only be registered to a single vehicle.
  3. Persons issued a hangtag must clearly display it at all times while parking a vehicle on Villanova University property. Persons issued a decal must permanently affix it to the vehicle in the correct location. Decal permits should be affixed using the adhesive side and may not be affixed using a temporary method (such as tape, rubber bands, etc.), nor should the decal be placed on the dashboard. Decal must be below any vanity tinting and must be visible at all times. Decals may be registered to only one vehicle and are not transferrable. Virtual permits require accurate license plate information. Please contact Parking if a temporary pass is needed for a short term substitute vehicle like a loaner.
  4.  Expired parking permits should not be displayed and must be removed from the vehicle prior to parking on Villanova University property.
  5. License plates, parking permits, and temporary passes must be visible at all times. Parking permits may not be obscured by car covers, inspection stickers, or hanging ornaments. License Plate Recognition will be used for enforcement in all lots. When parked, your vehicle registration plate must face the trafficway.
  6. Only resident student vehicles can park overnight in the lot the permit is valid for. Commuter permits are valid during the hours of class. Commuter permits are not valid for overnight parking or for a vehicle to be left for extended periods of time. Any commuter vehicle found left on campus will be cited. During Break Periods, student vehicles are not expected to be on campus. You can request permission from the Parking Office to leave your vehicle during the break period by submitting the online Break Period Parking form
  7. SEPTA operates two parking lots near their high-speed and rail stations. Parking in these lots is strictly limited to SEPTA patrons. University permits are not valid in SEPTA lots and will be removed by SEPTA.


Please see the Permit Registration page for permit registration, regulations and pricing.


Please see the Enforcement & Citations page for information on enforcement, citations, vehicle immobilization and towing. 


Villanova parking citations can be paid online with a credit card. Citations must be paid or appealed within 10 days to avoid additional penalty. 

Only appeal a citation issued to your vehicle. Third Party Vendors must appeal their own Citations or please advise them to contact the Parking Office. 


  1. Parking lots are subject to closure during snow conditions or in an emergency. Lot closures are typically announced through the Wildcat Newswire and Campus Currents, or through the University email system.


  1. During special events, handicapped or special needs parking is made available as close to the venue as possible. Persons needing/requiring special parking should contact the Parking Office at 610-519-6990 to make arrangements.


  1. Villanova University provides for handicapped parking through the use of approved signage and space marking. Only those individuals who have a government-issued placard or handicapped license plate may occupy handicapped spaces.
  2. Vehicles not displaying a valid handicapped placard or license plate are not permitted to park or stand in a handicapped space. Handicapped spaces are identified through pavement markings and/or signage.


  1. All accidents involving motor vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians on Villanova University property should be reported to the VUDPS immediately. In an emergency, call 610-519-4444 or from a campus phone 9-4444.
  2. Disabled vehicles should be reported to the Public Safety as soon as possible.
  3. Disabled vehicles deemed to be creating a hazardous condition should be moved immediately.
  4. Public Safety will tow, at the owner’s expense, any vehicle that is left in a way that is creating a hazardous condition.
  5. Public Safety will tow any vehicle that is abandoned.


  1. All Visitors can now park in the I-1 Garage located on the South East corner of Ithan and Lancaster Aves. This garage is equipped with a gate and a ticket must be obtained prior to entering. Before exiting the garage, payment must be made using the machine in order to validate the ticket.
  2. If parking is required elsewhere than the I-1 Garage, then a Guest Pass must be obtained.Faculty and Staff can request a Guest Pass prior to their Visitor’s arrival by using the Guest Pass process. Guest Passes are valid in accordance with the date and lot indicated. 
  3. Notes left on a vehicle are not a substitute for a Guest Pass.
  4. Visitors planning to stay for more than 24 hours must make arrangements for a multi-day pass through the Parking Office in Garey Hall.


  1. Electric Vehicles can now us the ChargePoint Charging Stations located in the I-1, M-2, and S-4 Garages. Drivers will need to create a ChargePoint account and use it to access the stations. Drivers can pay for usage through this account. Employees and students must have a valid Villanova Permit to use the ChargePoint Charging Stations. 
  2. Visitors can use the pay as you go system to gain entry to the I-1 Garage and use the ChargePoint Charging Stations. Resident students parking in the I-1 Garage Upper Reserved Level can purchase an Electric Parking Permit at a higher rate to access the non-ChargePoint Charging Stations. You are permitted to park in an Electric Charging Station space while you are charging (approximately 4 hrs). 
  3. When not charging, your vehicle will need to be parked in a non-charging space in the garage it is issued.
  4. Reserved spaces for Low-Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicles are available on the first and second floors of I-1 Garage and the S-5 Law School surface lot.
  5. To use the stations, drivers will need to create an account with ChargePoint. The ChargePoint app will allow users to see which stations are open and will notify drivers when their car has finished charging. Each station charges uses $0.065/kWh. Drivers are given 1 hour after their car has finished charging to move their vehicle before they are charged $10/hour for blocking the charging spot. Users will be charged a max amount of $35 per charge session.


  1. Parking is permitted only in designated spaces. A parking space is delineated by lines on the pavement or bumper blocks. The lack of a ‘no parking’ sign or yellow curb does not signify that parking is permitted in that area. The University, having marked all approved spaces, is under no obligation to mark all areas where parking is prohibited.
  2. Parking vehicles on sidewalks or grassy areas is specifically prohibited.
  3. Under no circumstances is it ever acceptable to bump, hit, piggy-back, go around, and/or physically lift a gate. Students are responsible for damages incurred to gates and components.
  4. No vehicle may park or stand in such a way as to obstruct the normal flow of traffic, block a building entrance or exit, or block a driveway or loading dock.
  5. No vehicle may park in fire zones as denoted by yellow curbing and/or posted signs.
  6. All vehicles are to be operated with caution and at a speed not to exceed 5 miles per hour on all Villanova University roadways and parking lots.
  7. Motorists are urged to be cautious of pedestrian traffic and must yield the right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks.
  8. Motorists must abide by all posted traffic control signs, including but not limited to stop signs and ‘do not enter’ signs.
  9. Motorists must yield the right of way to all emergency vehicles including Public Safety.
  10. The use of four way flashers and notes left on a vehicle will not be honored to permit parking in violation of these regulations.
  11. Vehicles must have current State Registration and Inspection.

The Parking Office is located in Garey Hall.

For feedback or questions on the Shuttle Service or NovaVan, please email us.

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