Villanova University parking lots are private and require a permit. Use of the parking lots, permitted or not permitted, subjects you to the Parking Regulations and enforcement of those Regulations. This may include, but not limited to, Citations, Loss of Parking, Boots, or Tows.



All Visitors to campus can use the I-1 Garage for parking. The garage is located on the South East corner of Ithan and Lancaster Avenues.

Upon entry, you must obtain a ticket at the gate. Before exiting the garage, payment (cash or credit) must be made using the machine, located by the Main Pedestrian Entrance/Exit on Floor 2, in order to validate the ticket. Exit Lanes only accept credit.

Prospective students should schedule a Campus Visit.

Time Cost
0-1 hours FREE
1-2 hours $2.00
2-4 hours $5.00
4-6 hours $7.00
6-12 hours $10.00
12-24 hours $20.00
Lost Ticket $50.00


All faculty, staff, and eligible students can park at Villanova. All vehicles must be registered with a valid parking permit. Parking is assigned by lot and parking will be enforced using license plate recognition.Parking Staff may direct you to an alternative lot throughout the year due to major events.

Any changes such as a new vehicle or work location can be made on the Parking Portal or by contacting the Parking Office. If a vehicle other than the one(s) registered needs to be used on a temporary basis, please contact the Parking Office to obtain a temporary parking permit. All traffic laws and Parking Regulations must be followed at all times.

Villanova University provides for ADA Parking through the use of approved signage and space marking in accordance with PA State Regulations. Only those individuals who have an authorized placard or state issued license plates may occupy such spaces.

University members with ADA or temporarily disabled requiring transportation should notify the Department of Public Safety dispatcher (Ext. 9-5800) to request the Mobility Shuttle. Guest and Visitors should discuss ADA Parking with the department inviting them or the Parking Office previous to their visit. The Krapf run On and Off Campus Shuttles are available to Guest and Visitors as well.

The Department of Public Safety will attempt to park disabled individuals as close to any special event as practical and as space is available. 

Faculty, Staff, and Eligible Students must submit copies of their ADA paperwork to the Parking Office. 


If parking is required elsewhere than the I-1 Garage, then a temporary parking pass must be obtained. The department that has invited the guest can request a guest pass prior to their guest’s arrival by submitting the Guest Pass Request through the Parking Portal. Guests will need to supply their vehicle plate information to obtain the pass. Temporary passes are valid in accordance with the duration of the date/time and lot requested and must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard. Notes left on a vehicle are not a substitute for a temporary pass.

Departments with frequent event speakers or vendors will be provided a unique login to the Parking Portal for a Guest Pass Request. Please contact the Parking Office to discuss setting up a Department Login.

Once the guest is registered, they will not need a pass and can park in the designated lot with their plate facing the drive lane.

Please notify the Parking Office in advance of any event exceeding 25 visitors, so we can insure visitor parking in the I-1 Garage. 

The Parking Office is located in Garey Hall.

For feedback or questions on the Shuttle Service or NovaVan, please email us.

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