Villanova University provides on campus transportation through its shuttle and NovaVan services. The two services allow students, faculty and staff to to travel around Villanova's 260 acre campus with ease. Villanova also offers a mobility shuttle for those with disabilities or injuries which prevent them from utilizing the main shuttle. 

Villanova also offers off campus shuttle options and Zip cars for those who wish or need to travel off campus


Available Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-9 pm

Villanova University provides transportation between main, south and west campus. Students, faculty and staff are permitted unlimited use of this service at no charge. A morning express from south campus to Connelly Center runs between 7:30-8 am.

Riders are required to present a valid Wildcard to the driver. Real time shuttle location can be found using the NovaSafe app




For late night transportation Monday-Saturday, Villanova offers an on demand shuttle service. The NovaVan service is only for on campus transportation

Riders are required to present a valid Wildcard to the driver. 




Available Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-9 pm

For those students, faculty and staff whose disability or injuries prevent them from safely using the Wildcat Shuttle, Villanova offers a Mobility Shuttle. The Shuttle is also available for limited off campus rides to other local medical offices for appointments. 

To arrange a ride, please call 610-519-5800. 


The Parking Office is located in Garey Hall.

For feedback or questions on the Shuttle Service or NovaVan, please email us.

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