All students, faculty and staff must register for parking through the Parking Portal. 

All permits will be virtual excluding the I-1 Garage, which uses a decal for entry and exit. For all other lots, License Plate Recognition is used to check permits. Your vehicle must be parked facing in so that the vehicle plate is visible from the trafficway. If your permanent vehicle or plate changes, you must notify the Parking Office immediately. Any temporary vehicle must be registered and a temp pass issued through the parking office.

For detailed information on student parking, please visit the Student Parking page


Public Safety and the Parking Director can deny or revoke a parking permit. All vehicles on campus are required to be registered and can be towed off campus or relocated in the event that the owner cannot be located timely.

  1. Freshmen and sophomore resident students are not permitted to park vehicles on University property. A student’s class-year status is determined by entry date and a minimum number of credits need to be earned. This distinction is important in that students bringing AP credits into Villanova do not advance in class year for purposes of obtaining on-campus parking. It is important that non-eligible resident students DO NOT bring their vehicles to campus or park in the residential areas surrounding Villanova since adjacent townships prohibit non-residential parking on many local streets. Non-eligible resident students found parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the campus may be subject to disciplinary action through the Dean of Students Office and may be prohibited from obtaining a permit in their upperclassmen years.
  2. All students are encouraged to utilize the campus shuttle service, car share program, and/or public transportation. 
  3. Exceptions to the resident student parking restrictions for freshmen and sophomores are extremely limited. Freshmen and sophomores may appeal for medical reasons in order to seek off-campus treatment provided appropriate documentation from a physician that details the student’s treatment schedule is provided. Sophomores with a credit bearing internship may also apply for an exception. Students should keep in mind that freshmen and sophomores who receive an exception in these limited instances maybe assigned to park a lot that or area that is not nearest their resident hall. Students who intentionally submit false documentation in order to obtain a parking permit are referred to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary action. To be considered for an exception permit, freshmen and sophomore resident students must submit an on-line appeal to the Parking Office before the vehicle is brought to campus. Use the Parking Exception Application Form to initiate the application and receive instructions for providing documentation.  
  4. Junior and Senior resident students are eligible to purchase a resident student permit. Resident students that receive a decal must permanently affix it to the vehicle in the correct location. Decal permits should be affixed using the adhesive side and may not be affixed using a temporary method (such as tape, rubber bands, etc.), nor should the decal be placed on the dashboard. Decal must be below any vanity tinting and must be visible at all times. Decals may be registered to only one vehicle and are not transferrable. Virtual permits require accurate license plate information. Lot assignments are determined by a student’s on-campus address and availability. All lots are available on a first come first served basis. If a lot is no longer available, the parking office may assign students to a new lot.
  5. Commuter students are defined as a student who does not reside in University-owned housing. Lot assignments are determined by course study location on campus. All lots are available on a first come first served basis. If a lot is no longer available, the parking office may assign students to a new lot.
  6. Students attending Summer Sessions or leaving their vehicle during the Summer Break will be required to purchase a permit to park. Summer Permits are valid after commencement through the end of the Summer Session. The processing fee is a flat rate for the entire time period and is not prorated or available for partial refund.
  1. Employees (full-time and part-time) are eligible to purchase an employee parking permit. Employees who choose to park on Villanova University property must purchase a parking permit regardless of work hours. Parking registration is done on-line via Parking Portal. Employee fees are deducted from paychecks. Student fees are billed to the student account.
  2. Employee permits may be used only by the person to whom the permit is registered. Specifically, children of employees attending the University may not use an employee’s permit to park on campus.

Contractors, volunteers and interns are all required to purchase permits for their time on campus.

Only those persons eligible to purchase a permit for an automobile may obtain a motorcycle permit. Vehicles with motorcycle permits may also park in portions of lots not designated for vehicular parking so long as the motorcycle does not block a sidewalk, roadway, fire lane, stairwell, or building entrance. With an already valid permit, a motorcycle permit can be issued for a 1 time fee of $10. The motorcycle permit is valid in the same lot as your current permit.

If a vehicle is sold or involved in an accident that will prevent its return to campus, the permit must be removed and returned to the Parking Office. If the sticker or permit is not able to be returned, the permit holder’s account will be charged a $10.00 replacement fee and the original permit will be listed as lost or stolen. Likewise, a lost or stolen permit must be reported, in person, to Public Safety as soon as possible. Persons displaying a lost/stolen permit, or falsely reporting a permit stolen, will be subject to citation, immobilization, and loss of future parking privileges.

NOTE: Recovering your lost or stolen permit and failing to notify Public Safety may result in the issuance of a citation. Once a permit is reported lost/stolen, it may not be displayed on any vehicle if found.

Fraudulent Registration is defined as the use of deception for unjust advantage. The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to revoke parking privileges and charge a fine under these conditions. Fraudulent registration includes but is not limited to:

  1. Purchasing a permit in another person’s name.
  2. Registering multiple vehicles for the same time period, except as authorized by the Parking Office.
  3. Registering a vehicle that is to be used by and for a person not authorized such registration.
  4. Misrepresentation of one’s eligibility for the permit purchase.
  5. Altering the information on a parking permit.
  6. Manufacture and/or display of a counterfeit permit.

The Parking Office is located in Garey Hall.

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