All parking registrations, including for spring and summer, must be made through the Parking Portal. Eligible students include Commuters, Law Students, and Resident Juniors and Seniors who will be attending classes this upcoming academic year. Resident Freshman and Sophomores are not permitted to have vehicles on campus. For those with medical or internship parking needs, please fill out the Parking Exception Application
Undergraduate students are allowed one permit and one vehicle which they or a member of their household must own. Proof of Ownership is required to register for parking. Permits are valid only for the lot indicated. Permits will be virtual excluding the I-1 Garage which uses a permit decal to trigger the gate system for entry and exit. Decals must be permanently affixed in the correct location and visible at all times. Only resident students are allowed to park or store their vehicle overnight.  Please contact Parking if you need to leave your vehicle for the summer.
Parking on campus is limited and the nearest lot to your location may not be available. If a lot is waitlisted, ordering the permit that is available will add you to the waitlist. If space is available in a waitlisted lot, we will contact you in the order the other permits were purchased. Parking staff may direct you to an alternative lot throughout the year due to major events.
All student permits are valid through the end of the academic year. If you will be taking a summer class, you must register for a summer parking permit beginning in May. Registration for the Spring Semester begins the last week of Fall semester. 


  • I-1 Garage Upper Reserved Level Resident Parking 
    • Juniors and Seniors residing in the Commons should order this permit. 
    • Using the Permit Decal, you must enter through the second set of gates and park on the 4th and 5th levels. 
    • Permit is only valid for the Upper Level. All I-1 Garage Resident Permits will be available for pick at the I-1 Garage. No permits will be mailed.
  • W-2 West Campus Lots 
    • Juniors and Seniors residing in West should order this permit. 
  • Resident students with Electric Vehicles can now use the new ChargePoint Charging Stations in the I-1 Garage or the S-4 Garage. Please contact the Parking Office prior to ordering a permit.


We require your local off campus address during the order process. Vehicles cannot be left overnight or stored. Permits are expected to sell out in all lots and other permits and lots will be substituted.

To start, the permit choices are:

  • I-1 Garage Commuter Lower Levels 
    • Offered to most commuters and allows access to the garage during scheduled daytime and evening classes. 
    • Anyone parking in the I-1 Garage without a permit will need to pull a ticket at the entry gate and pay to exit.
    • All I-1 Garage Resident and Commuter Permits will be available for pick at the I-1 Garage. No permits will be mailed.
  • I-2 South Campus Commuter 
    • Available once the I-1 Garage Commuter Permits have sold out. Allows access to the lot during scheduled daytime and evening classes. 
  • S-4 Communication Majors 
    • Offered to Undergrad Communication Major Commuters. 
    • Allows access to the S-4 garage during scheduled daytime and evening classes.
  • Evening Permit 
    • Allows access to:
      • M-2
      • S-2 or 3 or 4
      • W-1
    • Valid only after 5pm
    • If on occasion you will be on campus before 5pm, you must park in the I-1 Garage and pay the rate. 
    • All Commuter Electric Vehicles can now use the new ChargePoint Charging Stations with a valid permit for the I-1 or S-4 Garage. You will need a ChargePoint account to pay for usage.


  • S-4 Garage 
    • Allows access during day and evening classes


  • Daytime Paralegals 
    • I-1 Garage: Only valid for one semester
  • Evening Paralegals 
    • Evening permit  valid through the fall and spring semesters


  • Students On Campus Fall Semester  
    • Permits should be purchased for fall semester as normal and at normal rate. Before winter break, remove the I-1 decal and return it to the Parking Office to receive a 50% refund. If you have the virtual permit, please send an email to have the 50% refund processed. 
    • Even if you do not return the decal or request a refund, your vehicle cannot be parked on campus while you are abroad.
  • Students On Campus Spring Semester
    • Starting last week of fall semester through Winter Break, permits can be purchased at 50% price.


  • Summer Permits will be available for order in May. All students taking summer classes, residing on campus, or leaving their vehicle until fall semester must have a permit for their vehicle in order to park on campus. 
  • All Summer Sessions are able to park in: 
    • I-1 Garage
    • I-2 South
    • W-2 West
  • The Evening Permit for Summer Sessions classes after 5pm only are able to park in: 
    • M-2 Garage
    • S-2 Drosdick/Tolentine
    • S-3 Mendel
    • W-1 St. Mary's 
  • The Summer Permit for break storage is valid for W-2 West only.
  • If student permit registration for the upcoming year has begun, then the summer permits have been removed from the Parking Portal. If you are still in need of a summer permit, please contact the Parking Office.


A black and white cartoon image of a front-facing car which shows a red square for the correct placing of the permit decal.

To affix your decal to your windshield, remove all prior year decals. Failure to do this will result in the current decal not operating correctly.

While sitting in the driver's seat, place the decal with the image facing out in the center of the windshield below the mirror. Decals must have a two-inch or more distance from other transponders, such as EZ Pass. 


The Parking Office is located in Garey Hall.

For feedback or questions on the Shuttle Service or NovaVan, please email us.

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