Operational Hours

Monday–Friday, 9:00 PM-12:00 AM 

Saturday, 7:00 PM-1:00 AM

A Wildcard is required to ride in the NovaVan. On busy nights, requests may not be accepted in the last half hour of the night. 

Please note, if you request a ride outside the hours of service a driver will not be able to accept your request. Please call Public Safety (610-519-4444) if you need assistance outside of operating hours.

Nova Van On Demand does not operate on University holidays or break periods.

NovaVan Rules


  1. Students are reminded to follow the University Alcohol Policy. The University Police will be contacted to investigate students under the age of 21 who appear to have been drinking or any individual (regardless of age) that is in a state of intoxication that endangers themselves or others.
  2. Alcohol (opened or unopened) is not permitted in the vehicle.
  3. Drivers will drive only to the planned destination.
  4. We do not transport to any off-campus locations.
  5. Wildcard is required before entering a vehicle for everyone getting into the vehicle.
  6. We cannot schedule rides in advance.
  7. Open food is not permitted in the vehicle.
  8. Missed rides without proper cancellation or misconduct can result in revoked riding privileges.


To Request A Ride

Access the TransLoc app through the NovaNow app and login using your Villanova credentials. Please make sure your phone’s location is turned on.

  1. Scroll and select Villanova University from the list of university partners.
  2. Request Ride.
  3. Set Pickup Address, then Set Dropoff Address. Use "Shuttle Stop" in the address selection. Pick-up and drop-off addresses are the same as the On-Campus shuttle stops, with an additional stop at "the Commons".
  4. Set number of riders. (Only current VU Faculty, Staff or students with a valid Wildcard are permitted in VU vehicles)
  5. Confirm the details at bottom of page.
  6. Tap "Confirm Ride". Please wait for the Nova Van on Demand Vehicle at the designated pick-up shuttle stop.
  7. Wait times will vary depanding on the number of requests in the queue.
  8. The app will assign a vehicle and send an estimate time of arrival based on a driver's location and number of other pickups or drop-offs enroute to the passenger.           

If you are unable to use the TransLoc app, call 610-519-5800 to request your ride. Any comments, suggestions or concerns please email us

The Parking Office is located in Garey Hall.

For feedback or questions on the Shuttle Service or NovaVan, please email us.

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