The Nursing Education track offers nurses the opportunity to combine their clinical experience with preparation for teaching nursing practice. The 46 credit curriculum prepares nurses to assume leadership roles as dynamic educators in baccalaureate and associate degree programs, staff development, continuing education and community education programs. Nurses who progress from this MSN concentration to our PhD program find their course of study expedited.

The curriculum offers theoretical courses along with advanced clinical and education practicums. The nursing education theoretical courses are offered asynchronous, synchronous and hybrid. Students select a population and area of clinical interest for the clinical practicum: adult-gerontology, parent-child health, community health or psychiatric/mental health. Students also select an academic or clinical setting for the final student teaching practicum. As you develop as a nursing educator, you will create curricula, plan programs and teach with master teacher clinicians. There is also opportunity to spend time with an expert nurse educator in a clinical and academic setting to begin to internalize the nurse educator role.

At completion of this track, graduates will be able to:

  • Integrate foundational and advanced specialty knowledge and experience in a broadly based clinical practice area into the educator role.
  • Use diverse sources of evidence to inform the development, application, evaluation, and dissemination of nursing knowledge in nursing curricula and nursing programs.
  • Utilize a variety of teaching strategies, informational and educational resources to facilitate classroom and clinical learning by providing safe high-quality care while enhancing student and staff development.
  • Conceptualize the educator’s personal philosophy of teaching and professional role.
  • Propose strategies for nurse educators to formulate interprofessional relationships, optimize positive client outcomes and demonstrates professional nursing values.
  • Provide leadership in the university, health agency or community settings to cultivate lifelong learning and professional identity.
  • Analyze the broad context or system in which the educator role is implemented.
  • Analyze issues in nursing and higher education that focus on population health and influence person centered care and the development of the discipline of nursing.

Core Courses: Complete in-person or online.

NUR 8964

Clinical Ethics:  Theory and Practice


NUR 8904

Nursing Research: The Practice Connection


NUR 8902

Development of Nursing Science


NUR 8906

Leadership Strategies in Nursing



Support Courses: Complete in-person or online.

NUR 8615

Issues Across the Life Span


NUR 8863

Health Promotion of the Growing Child


NUR 8901

Advanced Pathophysiology


NUR 8903

Advanced Pharmacology


NUR 8910 Advanced Physical Assessment 4

Elective                                                                                        3        

- Select one of the following 3-credit courses-

NUR 8921       Practicum in Adult/Gerontology Health Nursing

NUR 8923       Practicum in Community Health Nursing    

NUR 8927       Practicum in Parent-Child Health Nursing

NUR 8929       Practicum in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing


Clinical Courses: Completed in-person within Pennsylvania, Delaware or New Jersey.

NUR 9517

Structure and Philosophy of Higher Education          


NUR 8950

Curriculum in Nursing Education


NUR 8951

Principles of Measurement and Evaluation in Nursing


NUR 8952

Teaching Strategies in Nursing


NUR 8954*

Practicum in Teaching of Nursing



* Practicum starts after all courses are completed

Mary Terhaar, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN
Professor & Associate Dean for the Graduate Nursing Programs

Jan Campbell, BA, MS
Assistant Director, Graduate Nursing Programs

MaryAnn Cantrell, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEF, FAAN
Professor, Director, PhD Program

Debra Shearer, EdD, MSN, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC
Director, Post-Master's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Track

Jodie Szlachta, PhD, CRNA, FAANA
Nurse Anesthesia Program Director, Associate Clinical Professor


PhD Program Inquires & Post-Master's Doctor of Nursing Practice Inquires:
Sandi Schultz

Assistant Director, Doctoral Programs

DNP Nurse Anesthesia Inquires:
Recruitment and Enrollment Department

MSN Inquires (Nurse Practitioner Tracks & Nurse Education Tracks):
Recruitment and Enrollment Department


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