The Villanova University Department of Theatre and Studio Art strives to inform and inspire artist-scholars who will impact the future of theatre as well as the wider world.

The Villanova University Department of Theatre and Studio Art aims to inform and inspire theatre artists, administrators and scholars who will impact the future of this dynamic art form. Our culture of creativity engages in rigorous study and the practical application of theatrical theories and techniques. We believe art has the power to transform hearts and minds by challenging both individuals and communities. 


  • KNOWLEDGE – Students demonstrate the ability to analyze theatrical texts through a variety of lenses (as actor, director, dramaturg, historian, etc.), and respond to these texts as scholars and emerging theatre professionals. 
  • SKILLS – Students demonstrate a holistic understanding of theatre-making as a collaborative endeavor, integrating theory and praxis through performance techniques, academic presentations and practical application. 
  • VALUES – Students synthesize creative impulse, practical experience, historical knowledge and critical awareness in order to contribute meaningfully to the arts.


  • Emphasize the liberal arts and sciences as our foundation and foster in our students active engagement, critical thinking, life-long learning and moral reflection. 
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research, teaching and scholarship.
  • Affirm the intrinsic good of learning, contemplation and the search for truth in undergraduate and graduate education.

The Villanova Department of Theatre and Studio Art recognizes the importance of a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Therefore, we are committed to creating an inclusive culture that works to maintain equity for all students, faculty, staff, and anyone who engages with our productions. We ensure a culture of inclusivity through our collective curiosity about different perspectives and respect for the variety of human experiences. We mindfully and deliberately seek a receptive, engaged, and accessible learning environment for all, and we commit to lifelong learning and intercultural connection. 

Villanova Theatre supports and uses representative, inclusive and conscious casting. Our commitment to representative casting means that for all characters whose identity is mentioned in the story we treat authenticity as a primary value. Our commitment to inclusive casting means that when identity is not crucial to the story, we will consider all humans who can support the storytelling necessary and not be limited by previous versions of the show, stereotypes or societal expectations. Our commitment to conscious casting means that we value how a performer's identity and self-exist within their character, and how that identity might impact their storytelling. (Adapted, with permission, from Cessalee Stoval of Stage A Change)


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