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The Villanova Department of Theatre and Studio Art offers a variety of courses in the arts and three minors to enrich the studies of Villanova's undergraduate students.

Through our courses we seek to advance the Augustinian Catholic Mission of the university to awaken the soul and enlighten the individual in order to make a difference in the world. Our mission is to foster creativity through a holistic approach to life that encourages students to visualize and actualize discoveries. The arts are about vision, discovery and the beauty of diversity as expressed through our interpretations of the real world. Our courses seek to transform the student through the experience and perspective of the artist.  

In addition, all Villanova students are invited to get involved in Villanova Theatre and attend performances, usher, work on production crew or audition for plays.


Students interested in Theatre can declare a Minor in Theatre, or take a few of our Theatre courses to develop skills in and deepen their knowledge of theatre. Our courses taught by award-winning theatre artists.

Undergraduate students may fulfill a Theatre minor by completing five theatre courses (two required/three elective) and a theatre practicum. Courses include:

  • Fundamental Principles of Acting
  • Creativity
  • Scene Study
  • The Theatrical Experience

Students interested in pursuing a Theatre Minor may contact Program Coordinator Kevin Esmond for information.

Villanova’s Studio Art Minor serves both mind and heart. The minor takes an integrative, interdisciplinary approach in the reciprocal interactions between scholarship and art, theory and practice. This minor allows students to continuously develop as artists, embodying a multi-disciplinary approach that includes research and creativity, all of which are integrated through experience and ingenuity.

Studio Art minors must complete five Art courses; four required courses chosen from the following:

  • Basic Drawing
  • Basic Watercolor
  • Basic Oil Painting
  • Basic Printmaking
  • Intro to Calligraphy
  • Digital Photography
  • Painting of Icons
  • Fashion in Costume Design

And one elective from the list above or from the following:

  • History of Western Art: Ancient or Renaissance
  • Visual Arts in the US 1607-1876 or 1877-Present
  • Art of Philadelphia
  • High Renaissance Art in Italy
  • The Art of Ireland
  • Modern Art
  • Contemporary Art
  • Japanese Animation
  • Interpreting Art

This is not a comprehensive list—the department offers a variety of other courses.

For more information on the Studio Art minor, please contact Peter Hilliard.

Villanova’s Music Minor is designed to engage students in interdisciplinary thought, which will enhance analytical and creative thinking. Villanova has a vibrant musical culture, and students interested in Music can declare a minor in Music or take courses in Music taught by faculty from across the University.

Studies have connected arts education with stronger verbal and quantitative skills; in addition, the study of music builds memory, attention, perseverance, creativity, stronger study habits and more.

Music Minors must complete five Music courses:

Two required courses:

  • Music Theory with Ear Training (four credits)
  • Music in the Western World: Middle Ages to 1750 or Music in the Western World: 1750 to the Present

And three electives:

  • Words and Music: The Art of Song
  • Jazz: America’s Music
  • Musical Theatre
  • Philosophy of Contemporary Music
  • Perspectives: Literature and Music
  • The Laptop Instrument

This is not a comprehensive list—the department offers a variety of other courses.

For more information on the Music minor, please contact Peter Hilliard.

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