Research Opportunities

The Master’s program in Political Science offers opportunities for students to partake in various aspects of scholarly research. Fellowship students, working as research assistants, become closely involved in the faculty's research projects and sometimes co-author conference papers or journal articles. The department runs a faculty research workshop to which all students are invited. The university also offers summer research fellowships, and assists students in presenting their work at conferences. The Political Science Department regularly forwards announcements about lectures and conferences that occur at Temple University, University of Pennsylvania, the Constitution Center and other research-oriented institutions located in and around Philadelphia. In short, for highly motivated students, there are ample scholarly opportunities to enrich their studies outside the classroom.

Funding Opportunities

Tuition Scholarships and Assistantships

Villanova’s graduate school tuition is very competitive, and there are a number of ways to finance your MA in Political Science. All of the classes are held in the evenings, permitting you to work while in the program whether you are studying part-time or full-time.

The program offers graduate Tuition Scholarships and Assistantships. To be considered for these funding sources, you should apply for admission in the fall semester. Applicants for spring admission cannot be considered for these awards.

There are also assistantships offered by other Villanova departments and offices. If you apply for other University assistantships, you will still be considered for internal department funding.

For more information, visit Financing Your Education.

Benefits for Teachers

Villanova offers a 20% tuition discount if you teach in a public or private school, and a 40% discount if you teach at a Catholic school. We enthusiastically welcome teachers into our program in order to enrich their understanding of their subject matter and enhance their pedagogical skills.

Research Conference Grants

The Graduate Studies Office offers grants to allow graduate students to attend research conferences. The funds pay for travel, housing and registration costs.

You will also have the opportunity to apply for Summer Research funding to support travel and other expenses related to your research while in our program.

Ready for the Next Step?

Frank Pryor
Graduate Program Director

Fathe Allen
Senior Administrative Assistant
Department of Political Science


February 1: For admission with funding consideration

August 1: For admission without funding for the fall

December 1: For admission without funding for the spring

If you have missed a deadline, please contact Program Director Frank Prior to discuss your options.

Begin your application.



Danielle Burns '20 CLAS, '21 MA

Political Science Grad Focuses on Combating Inequities in Healthcare

During her time at Villanova University, Political Science master's program graduate Danielle Burns '20 CLAS, '21 MA, focused her research on intersectionality, archival recovery, racial and gender equity, and global politics and development. Today, she serves as a diversity, equity and inclusion consultant, working to create programs and initiatives to help combat health inequities and bias in the healthcare industry. READ MORE