The faculty offer a wide range of courses in the Political Science curriculum. We also periodically update the types of courses we offer to reflect faculty expertise and interests. Our rotation policy ensures that more than 18 different courses will be offered every two years.

All students pursuing the MA in Political Science must complete PSC 7000, Research Concepts and Approaches, and one course from each of the concentrations. A total of thirty credits are required for the degree. Students may take up to six credits outside the department to enroll in courses related to their field of study.

Sample Courses:

International Relations and Comparative Politics

  • PSC 8210: Globalization
  • PSC 8220: International Law
  • PSC 8230: International Organization
  • PSC 8265: Global Inequality
  • PSC 8270: International Political Economy
  • PSC 8320: Russian Politics
  • PSC 8330: African Politics
  • PSC 8340: Middle East Politics
  • PSC 8370: Third World Politics
  • PSC 8380: European Politics

Political Philosophy & Methodology

  • PSC 7000: Research Concepts and Approaches
  • MPA 8199: Advanced Statistical Analysis
  • PSC 8450: American Political Theory I: The American Founding
  • PSC 8455: American Political Theory II: The Lincoln/Douglas Debates

American Government

  • PSC 8120: The Presidency
  • PSC 8130: Constitutional Interpretation
  • PSC 8160: Political Communications
  • PSC 8165: Cyberpolitics
  • PSC 8180: National Security Policy
  • PSC 8185: US Intelligence
  • PSC 8190: American Party Politics

Frank Pryor
Graduate Program Director

Fathe Allen
Senior Administrative Assistant
Department of Political Science


February 1: For admission with funding consideration

August 1: For admission without funding for the fall

December 1: For admission without funding for the spring

If you have missed a deadline, please contact Program Director Frank Prior to discuss your options.

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Danielle Burns '20 CLAS, '21 MA

Political Science Grad Focuses on Combating Inequities in Healthcare

During her time at Villanova University, Political Science master's program graduate Danielle Burns '20 CLAS, '21 MA, focused her research on intersectionality, archival recovery, racial and gender equity, and global politics and development. Today, she serves as a diversity, equity and inclusion consultant, working to create programs and initiatives to help combat health inequities and bias in the healthcare industry. READ MORE