Kelsey Borrowman

Kelsey’s research focuses on the intersection of the history of philosophy and disability studies, but she also works in the areas of critical phenomenology, public philosophy, feminist philosophy and critical theory. She’s currently writing her dissertation analyzing the role of health in the philosophies of Rousseau and Nietzsche.

MA, Stony Brook University
BA, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville


Patrick Corry

Patrick Corry

Areas of Specialization: Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics

Areas of Competence: Phenomenology, Late-antique Neoplatonism

Lilia Endter

Areas of Specialization: Social and Political Philosophy, History of Political Thought, Social Ontology, Nietzsche, Critical Theory

Areas of Competence: Feminisms, 19th and 20th century German philosophy, German Idealism

MSc, Political Theory, The London School of Economics and Political Science (UK)
BA, Philosophy and Political Science, University College Dublin (Ireland)


Constanza Filloy

Constanza Filloy

Areas of Interest: Social and Political Philosophy, Modern and Contemporary Metaphysics, Contemporary French Philosophy, Aesthetics


Tertia Gillett

Tertia Gillett

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Classical Indian Philosophy

Areas of Competence: Social Ontology, Metaphysics, Social & Political Philosophy


Shawn Huberdeau

Shawn Huberdeau

Areas of Specialization: 20th century French philosophy, Foucault, psychoanalysis, phenomenology, feminist philosophy

Areas of Competence: Kant, Nietzsche, Marxism, Critical Theory, moral and political philosophy

MA, Philosophy, Concordia University
BA, Philosophy and Political Studies, University of Manitoba

Fen Inman

Fen Inman

Fen specializes in Ancient Greek thought and 20th-century phenomenology, with a focus on metaphysics, ontologies of nature and language and the non-human animal; secondary interests include hermeneutics, aesthetics and history of philosophy. 

BA, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, The King's College (New York)
MA, Philosophy, Boston College


Bryan Knittle

Areas of Specialization: Deleuze and Guattari, Psychoanalysis, Social and Political Theory

Areas of Competence: Continental Philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind, Buddhism

MA, Philosophy, Villanova University
MA, Philosophy, California State University, Los Angeles
BA, Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley

Thomas McGlone Jr

Areas of Specialization: social and political philosophy, modern philosophy (especially Rousseau and Marx), critical theory

Areas of Competence: African philosophy (especially Hountondji), history of philosophy, philosophy of film 

MA, Philosophy, Villanova University
BA, Philosophy and Video/Television, Hofstra University

Christopher D. Quintana

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy & Ethics of Technology, Virtue Theory, Social & Political Philosophy

Areas of Competence: Applied Ethics, Ancient Philosophy, Social Epistemology 

Research program: Philosophical perspectives on human-computer interaction, Neo-Aristotelian ethics of information communications technologies, especially user experiences and interface design

Brendan Rome

Areas of Specialization: 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Psychoanalysis

Areas of Competence: Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Science (Especially French Historical Epistemology), Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Critical Theory

MA, University of New Mexico
BA, Macalester College

Max Shmidheiser

Max Shmidheiser

Max's research interests include Enactive Approach, Philosophy of Mind, 4E Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Psychology & Mental Health, Virtue Ethics and Bioethics.

Daniel Shussett

Daniel Shussett

Areas of Specialization: Social Ontology, Social Epistemology, and Science, Technology and Society

Areas of Competence: Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Environmental Philosophy

MA, Philosophy, Villanova University
BA, Philosophy, Gettysburg College

Hannah Sine

Hannah Sine

Hannah's primary research interests are in social epistemology, philosophy of science, philosophy of mind and Hegel. Hannah enjoys bringing together seemingly disparate or typically unconnected perspectives by identifying issues that are common to them. She tends to pair contemporary philosophical concerns with historical approaches to provide new ways of understanding the problem at hand and shed light on the fundamental concerns that unite contemporary and historical philosophical discourse. Recently Hannah has been thinking about the compatibility between Hegel’s philosophy and the extended mind, as well as investigating issues at the intersection of academic specialization, interdisciplinary communication and intellectually virtuous research collaboration. 

Areas of Specialization: Social epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Hegel

Areas of Competence: Philosophy of Science, Feminist Philosophy

BA, Philosophy, New College of Florida

Claryn Spies

Claryn Spies

Areas of Specialization: post-structuralism (esp. Foucault), phenomenology, queer theory

Areas of Competence: contemporary continental philosophy, critical theory, social and political theory

MA, Philosophy, Villanova University
MA, Social, Political, Ethical and Legal Philosophy, Binghamton University
BA, Political Studies and Philosophy, Bard College

Yue Jennifer Wang

Yue Jennifer Wang

Jen's research is at the intersection of phenomenology and theology, and the working title of her dissertation is "A Phenomenology of Mystical Embodiment: Merleau-Ponty and Hildegard on the Transformation of Sense Perception.” Jen is also interested in the applications of her research to aesthetics, especially to a phenomenological understanding of the work of art and the commodity form. 

Areas of Interest: phenomenology (esp. Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, Marion), theology (esp. medieval mysticism, patristics), Marx, aesthetics

Hui Zhang

Hui Zhang

Hui's research interests include Social and Political Thoughts, Marxism/historical materialism.

Department of Philosophy
Villanova University, SAC 108
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

Julie Klein, PhD, Graduate Program Director
Terry DiMartino, Graduate Program Coordinator



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Philosophy doctoral student presents her research at a symposium at Villanova

Opportunities Abound to Present Scholarly Work

From the annual Graduate Student Research Symposium to the international Three-minute Thesis (3MT) competition, Villanova University offers many opportunities for graduate students to develop and showcase their research communication skills. This year, Philosophy doctoral student Katherine Kurtz advanced to the national round of the 3MT competition, after winning the University event and placing second at regionals. Her presentation, "Deviant Bodies: Toward an Aesthetics of Feminine Monstrosity," is based on her dissertation work.