Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy invites us to scrutinize the fundamental questions about the nature of existence, the meaning of life, and the constitution of justice. It affords us the opportunity to reflect and gain insight into the ways in which we think, feel, act, and perceive. Courses help students understand the world and their place in it, to analyze difficult texts, to write clearly and precisely, to defend views with cogent arguments, and to take pleasure in the struggle with complex ideas and questions.


Professional Development

Philosophy graduates are prized by employers because of their superior reasoning and creative thinking skills. Students develop the critical reading, thinking, and writing skills that are necessary in every profession.

Philosophy majors score extremely well on standardized tests such as the GRE, the GMAT and the LSAT.

Philosophy is widely recognized as one of the best pre-law majors since, like philosophy, the study and practice of law requires reading and writing about complex arguments.


Alumni News

The Philosophy Department at Villanova offers courses and programs which enhance a variety of future careers. Many of our majors go to law school and now have positions with law firms around the country. Some of our graduates go to graduate school in Philosophy and have careers teaching Philosophy at the college level. Most of our majors now hold positions in professional fields such as health services, education, insurance, educational administration, public relations and state and local government.

Kathleen Inger '20 CLAS accepted a position as a Contact Tracer in New York State. She is contributing to the management of our public health crisis.

Brett Schratz '20 CLAS accepted a position as a Paralegal for the ACLU National Voting Rights Project.

Jack Swick '20 CLAS is pursuing a masters at Kathmandu University Centre for Buddhist Studies at Rangjung Yeshe Institute (RYI). He will begin intensive study of Sanskrit and Tibetan for a year before beginning an MA in Buddhist Studies.

Madeline Wahlgren '20 CLAS accepted an offer as an Account Coordinator on the Corporate Communications team at MWWPR, a public relations agency in New York City.

Nathan Brown '20 CLAS is going to spend a year working with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Baltimore coordinating a variety of programs to combat homelessness.

Marikate Des Rosiers '20 CLAS will begin her position as a teacher in Russia at a school called Windsor in Tolyatti, Russia, in the fall.

Caroline Arnold ’20 CLAS plans to pursue a Master’s in Philosophy at Boston College, where she received a scholarship from the Lonergan institute.

Remington Fairchild ’20 CLAS started working in Investor Relations at Hunter Chase Development Partners the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas immediately after graduation.

Alumni Spotlight

Jalaneya Marrero-Golden

Jalaneya Marrero-Golden '18 CLAS majored in Philosophy and Gender and Women's Studies. After college, she spent a year as an Americorps volunteer with Jesuit Volunteers Northwest in Portland, Oregon. Jalaneya worked as an Education and Employment Support Specialist. Returning to the east coast, Jalaneya obtained a position as an Undergraduate Admissions Counselor at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania. In fall 2021, she starts a Master in Education Policy degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Jalaneya offers this wisdom to prospective students, “Philosophy has taught me to use the skills of critical thought and questioning in any space I'm in. It has been an integral part of my work in education to reframe and assess what education looks like for all students.”

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