The Cultural Studies Program lays the groundwork for an in-depth, theory-driven, interdisciplinary study of power and inequality in cultures around the world.

The Cultural Studies Program at Villanova leverages a range of humanities and social sciences disciplines, along with a core of philosophy courses, to provide an open forum for theoretical critique focused on the universal themes of gender, race and representation. This major empowers undergraduates with the skills and ethical manner needed to analyze and influence cultural phenomena, by integrating monolithic, ethnocentric, and gendered approaches to knowledge, as well as exposing them to diverse, multicultural and multiracial narratives and world views. 

Our program attracts students who lead with a strong desire to understand and value our differences, no matter who we are, or what we believe. By learning about distant cultures, you will find the intellectual and theoretical tools you’ll need to move on to work in a career dedicated to promoting social equality all around the world.  

Graduates in Cultural Studies will be able to:

  • To encourage open-mindedness on the quest for knowledge about other cultures around the world.
  • To provide the intellectual tools, knowledge and understanding needed for a career that focuses on social equality.
  • To create an inclusive, open-minded environment where students can express themselves, be themselves and help change perceptions in the future.
  • To scrutinize and answer questions during open discussions about identify, race, gender, class and community on a global cultural scale.

Dr. Karyn Hollis
SAC 458
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Administrative Assistant:
Ms. Joyce Harden
Villanova University
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