The Asian Studies Program provides an inclusive environment for understanding the history of a world region that’s rooted in ancient tradition and often underappreciated and misrepresented by those who haven’t been properly exposed to the magic of its culture.

In his life-long pursuit of wisdom, St. Augustine inspired us to embrace our communities, whether overlooked or undervalued, and do our part as students to open our hearts and minds to those who think, act and live differently than we do. 

Our Asian Studies Program continues this tradition, by providing an interdisciplinary program designed to empower students with a cultural knowledge of the diverse histories, politics, economies, religions, arts and literature of Asia. We help you immerse yourself in entirely new languages and cultures and invite you to discover and understand our cultural differences as well as navigate the social and political implications that Asia has on the rest of the world. 

  • To provide specialized knowledge designed to illustrate the cultures of the region and help us appreciate civilizations that are much different than our own.
  • To create an inclusive, open-minded environment where students can express themselves, be themselves and help change perception in the future.
  • To encourage in-depth study of fundamental issues such as cultural differences and their social and political implications both at home and abroad.
  • To prepare students for a future where the influence of Asia’s economic status and political tendency will greatly impact the rest of the world.

Dr. HaiLin Zhou
Director, Asian Studies
Associate Teaching Professor, Chinese Studies
Garey Hall Rm 34
Phone: (610) 519-6996

Andra Cain
Administrative Assistant