The BS/MS Program in Chemistry makes it possible for students to complete both their undergraduate and graduate degree in approximately five years.

This program is a great opportunity for students interested in pursuing a job in industry or government, as they graduate with the necessary academic credentials to take on the responsibility and leadership required by the chemical profession. Students in this program mature further academically, allowing them to better assess if a Chemistry doctorate is right for them as well as improve their chances of gaining acceptance in a doctoral, medical or other degree program.



  • Chemistry majors: enrolled in CHM 3412/04 and completion pending
  • Biochemistry majors: have completed CHM 4621/4603
  • GPA of 3.0 or greater
  • GPA in math and science courses of 3.0 or greater

The graduate record examination (GRE) is not required. Interested students who meet the requirements must submit an application and three letters of recommendation. The application includes a research statement and a personal statement (total of two pages maximum).  Your research statement should include your previous research experience and why research excites you, and your personal statement should include an explanation of your personal and professional goals and your reasons for seeking admission into the BS/MS program. Students must submit all application materials to the Director of the Chemistry Graduate Program, Deanna Zubris, Ph.D., by March 15 of the student’s third year.

Acceptance into the program is not automatic and selection is made by a committee of Chemistry graduate faculty. No more than five students will be accepted into the BS/MS program in a given year. Applicants will be notified on the outcome of their application no later than April 25.

Students admitted to the BS/MS program are not formally admitted to the graduate program until the completion of the fourth year. Courses taken during the fourth year are assigned the undergraduate tuition rate. The Chemistry Department currently hires undergraduate students as teaching assistants in undergraduate laboratory courses. Students accepted into the BS/MS program will be given priority for these positions in both semesters of their fourth year of study.

During the spring semester of their fourth year, students may apply for a graduate assistantship for the fifth year. The assistantship will include a tuition waiver for the fourth summer and the fifth year. To be eligible for a Graduate assistantship, students must earn at least a "B" grade in the three graduate courses taken during their fourth year and meet all other admission requirements.

Villanova University
Department of Chemistry
Mendal Hall, Room 215

Department Chair and Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Dan Kraut

Administrative Assistants
Valerie Marchesani and Melissa Steinman