Chemistry faculty strive to publish papers in respected journals with undergraduate and graduate student co-authors. Lists of publications have been compiled here by their year of publication. To find lists of publications by individual faculty, please check faculty websites.

Current Publications


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16. Domingo, L.R., Seif, A., Mazarei, E., Zahedi, E. and Ahmadi, T.S., 2020. A molecular electron density theory (MEDT) study of the role of halogens (X 2= F 2, Cl 2, Br 2 and I 2) on the aza-Michael-addition reactions. New Journal of Chemistry44(44), pp.19002-19012.

15. Bragança, C.E. and Kraut, D.A., 2020. Mode of targeting to the proteasome determines GFP fate. Journal of Biological Chemistry295(47), pp.15892-15901.

14. Seif, A., Domingo, L.R. and Ahmadi, T.S., 2020. Calculation of the rate constants for hydrogen abstraction reactions by Hydroperoxyl radical from Methanol, and the investigation of stability of CH3OH. HO2 complex. Computational and Theoretical Chemistry1190, p.113010.

13. Seif, A., Domingo, L.R., Mazarei, E., Zahedi, E. and Ahmadi, T.S., 2020. Atmospheric Oxidation Reactions of Methyl Salicylate as Green Leaf Volatiles by OH Radical: Theoretical Kinetics and Mechanism. ChemistrySelect5(40), pp.12535-12547.

12. Carden, R.G., Sommers, K.J., Schrank, C.L., Leitgeb, A.J., Feliciano, J.A., Wuest, W.M. and Minbiole, K.P., 2020. Advancements in the Development of Non‐Nitrogen‐Based Amphiphilic Antiseptics to Overcome Pathogenic Bacterial Resistance. ChemMedChem15(21), pp.1974-1984.

11. Loudon, A.H., Kurtz, A., Esposito, E., Umile, T.P., Minbiole, K.P.C., Parfrey, L.W. and Sheafor, B.A., 2020. Columbia spotted frogs (Rana luteiventris) have characteristic skin microbiota that may be shaped by cutaneous skin peptides and the environment. FEMS Microbiology Ecology96(10), p.fiaa168.

10. Thierer, L.M., Jenny, S.E., Shastri, V., Donley, M.R., Round, L.M., Piro, N.A., Kassel, W.S., Brown, C.L., Dudley, T.J. and Zubris, D.L., 2020. Amino pyridine iron (II) complexes: Characterization and catalytic application for atom transfer radical polymerization and catalytic chain transfer. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry924, p.121456.

9. Roireau, J.H., Rosano, R.J., Lazzara, N.C., Chen, T., Bajsa-Hirschel, J., Schrader, K.K., Duke, S.O., Wykoff, D. and Giuliano, R.M., 2020. Synthesis of Pyranopyrans Related to Diplopyrone and Evaluation as Antibacterials and Herbicides. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry68(37), pp.9906-9916.

8. Seif, A., Domingo, L.R., Zahedi, E., Ahmadi, T.S. and Mazarei, E., 2020. Unraveling the kinetics and molecular mechanism of gas phase pyrolysis of cubane to [8] annulene. RSC Advances10(54), pp.32730-32739.

7. Jorn, R., Raguette, L. and Peart, S., 2020. Investigating the Mechanism of Lithium Transport at Solid Electrolyte Interphases. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C124(30), pp.16261-16270.

6. Schrank, C.L., Minbiole, K.P. and Wuest, W.M., 2020. Are quaternary ammonium compounds, the workhorse disinfectants, effective against severe acute respiratory syndrome-Coronavirus-2?. ACS infectious diseases6(7), pp.1553-1557.

5. Lagalante, L.A., Lagalante, A.J. and Lagalante, A.F., 2020. 3D printed solid-phase extraction sorbents for removal of volatile organic compounds from water. Journal of Water Process Engineering35, p.101194.

4. Goldsmith, S.T., Hanley, K.M., Waligroski, G.J., Wagner, E.J., Boschi, V.L. and Grannas, A.M., 2020. Triclosan export from low-volume sources in an urban to rural watershed. Science of The Total Environment712, p.135380.

3. Alkhalifa, S., Jennings, M.C., Granata, D., Klein, M., Wuest, W.M., Minbiole, K.P. and Carnevale, V., 2020. Analysis of the Destabilization of Bacterial Membranes by Quaternary Ammonium Compounds: A Combined Experimental and Computational Study. ChemBioChem21(10), pp.1510-1516.

2. Wang, G.H., Berdy, B.M., Velasquez, O., Jovanovic, N., Alkhalifa, S., Minbiole, K.P. and Brucker, R.M., 2020. Changes in microbiome confer multigenerational host resistance after sub-toxic pesticide exposure. Cell host & microbe27(2), pp.213-224.

1. Leitgeb, A.J., Feliciano, J.A., Sanchez, H.A., Allen, R.A., Morrison, K.R., Sommers, K.J., Carden, R.G., Wuest, W.M. and Minbiole, K.P., 2020. Further Investigations into Rigidity‐Activity Relationships in BisQAC Amphiphilic Antiseptics. ChemMedChem. 15, 667 – 670

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