The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry is accredited by the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). The study of Biochemistry is using chemical techniques and practices to understand biological systems. Being a biochemist requires extensive training in both biology and chemistry. Students who study biochemistry are in demand in biomedical research, the pharmaceutical industry and medicine.


The Program in Biochemistry applies the analytical tools of chemistry to the molecules of living systems to provide a truly interdisciplinary educational experience.  Through course and laboratory experiences, students gain knowledge of the structural and functional attributes of cellular components and products, develop skills in experimental approaches useful in exploring these molecules, and achieve an understanding of scientific reasoning used to analyze biological processes.  The program provides background preparation in chemistry and biology, as well as advanced coursework in integrative areas of each discipline.  Laboratory courses introduce students to equipment and experimental strategies, and provide investigative experience in several areas.  Students are encouraged to pursue independent research under the direction of core Biochemistry faculty members, as well as through external internships and fellowships.

  • Understand the fundamental principles of chemistry and biology
  • Understand structural and functional attributes of biological molecules
  • Understand the flow of energy in living systems
  • Understand the flow of biochemical pathways
  • Understand the processes by which information is transmitted and interpreted by cells
  • Be able to read and interpret papers in the primary literature
  • Be able to perform standard biochemical quantitative assessments
  • Be able to design experiments and interpret data
  • Be able to safely and accurately perform experiments and use analytical equipment
  • Be able to use computer and internet resources as information and research tools
  • Be able to work collaboratively with others
  • Be able to present scientific information in visual, oral, and written formats
  • Be aware of major scientific and ethical issues in Biochemistry

For more information about the Program in Biochemistry, please contact one of the program co-directors: James Wilson, PhD, or Jennifer Palenchar, PhD.