University Healthcare Subsidy for Graduate Students

three graduate students walking on campus

Villanova University is pleased to offer a need-based healthcare subsidy to all PhD students and funded Master’s students with demonstrated need.

What is “demonstrated need?” Doctoral students and funded master’s students who already receive healthcare through a previous or current employer, partner, parent, or other source are not eligible to receive the subsidy. All other doctoral and funded master’s students are eligible.

Eligible PhD students will be fully subsidized at the rate of Villanova's sponsored United Healthcare plan and funded masters students will receive a $2000 subsidy towards their health insurance costs. For updated information on the University's current United Healthcare rates, please visit the Student Health Center website.

In order to demonstrate their need, each PhD student or funded master’s student wishing to receive a healthcare subsidy from the University must complete an application, which will be emailed to students directly. Any questions should be directed to the Grad Center.

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