Graduate Student Senate

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Graduate and Law students at Villanova are represented by a graduate student run governing body, the Graduate Student Senate (GSS). Each graduate program at Villanova has one senator representative. An executive board makes up the leadership of the GSS.


The purpose of the Graduate Student Senate (GSS) is to support the academic and non-academic well-being of the entire graduate student body at Villanova University. In keeping with this mission, GSS will perform the following duties:

  1. Serve as the representative body of the entire graduate student community in all manners related to the graduate student experience at Villanova University.
  2. Govern in a manner consistent with the University’s Mission Statement
  3. Act as liaison between the University’s graduate students and its administration, faculty, and staff.
  4. Provide a forum for the graduate student body to discuss issues pertaining to any aspect of the graduate student experience at Villanova.
  5. Represent graduate student interests to the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, and staff.
  6. Encourage communication, networking, and social interaction among graduate students through campus-wide events hosted by the GSS and/or through collaboration with others in the Villanova community.
  7. Promote effective communication strategies for the graduate student body—to audiences both internal and external to the University.

Executive Officer Nomination Process:

  1. Any graduate and law student interested in nominating themselves for one of the EO board positions in 2023-2024 must fill out this form by Sun., Apr. 16, at 11:59 p.m.
  2. Any student who self-nominates for one of the EO board positions in 2023-2024 must be available for 2-3 Zoom meetings over the summer months.

Senate Representative Nomination Process:

  1. Each graduate program shall have one (1) Senator that will represent the students in their graduate program.
  2. Each graduate program will be responsible for putting forward one (1) student as its representative.
  3. If you are interested in serving as your graduate program’s representative, please contact your graduate program director.

Executive Board and Senators

The President will represent the entire graduate student body in all matters related to the graduate student experience at Villanova. The President will act as the primary liaison between the GSS and University Administration. The President shall uphold the GSS constitution and Bylaws and has the authority to implement GSS policy, as guided by the GSS and with support from the Executive Board. The President schedules, coordinates, sets the agenda, and presides over meetings of the General Assembly and the Executive Board. The President, along with the VP, will write the Annual Report and has the power to appoint and remove committee chairpersons.

Furthermore, the President, Vice-President, and External Affairs Officer will serve on the University Council as the three (3) graduate student representatives, per the University Council bylaws.

GSS President 2023-2024: Jared Grizzle

photo and bio text for Jared Grizzle, GSS President 2023-2024

Jared Grizzle is a second year student in the Higher Education Administration and Leadership program at Villanova University, where he also serves as the President of the Graduate Student Senate. Prior to pursuing graduate studies, Jared earned his undergraduate degree from Morgan State University, where he studied Strategic Communication with a focus in brand management, and completed a double minor in Education and Political Science. Jared graduated Cum Laude from Morgan State University.

Currently, Jared also serves as a Graduate Resident Director at Villanova, overseeing the front four buildings on West Campus. He is passionate about creating inclusive communities and providing students with the support they need to thrive academically and socially.

As President of the Graduate Student Senate, Jared is committed to advocating for the needs and interests of the graduate student community at Villanova. He works collaboratively with other members of the Senate to develop and implement initiatives that promote the academic and social well-being of graduate students.

If you have any ideas or feedback for the Graduate Student Senate or would like to get involved in initiatives, please feel free to contact Jared at

The Vice President assists the President in the execution of their duties. In the absence of the President due to resignation or an inability to perform a particular duty, the Vice President will act in the capacity of the President to perform all duties. The Vice President will also oversee all internal committees and working groups and will be the main contact person for external organizations and groups. The Vice President will also perform any duties assigned to them by the President.

Furthermore, the President, Vice-President, and External Affairs Officer will serve on the University Council as the three (3) graduate student representatives per the University Council bylaws.

GSS Vice President 2023-2024: Tina Mazzeo  


Tina Mazzeo graduated from the University of Scranton in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Operations and Finance. Before beginning law school, Tina worked for eight years in NYC, primarily in the finance and alternative investment industry. Tina has a strong admiration for volunteer work and has assisted at City Harvest, Operation Backpack, and Habitat for Humanity.

Tina is currently attending Villanova Law and is a part of the Class of 2025. She is focusing her law studies on Corporate law with the hopes of pursuing a career in Venture Capital Law. For the upcoming school year, she will serve as Vice President for the Villanova Parents and Non-Traditional Students Group. Tina is also a Student Ambassador for the Law Admission Offices and assists with incoming and prospective student events.

Tina is extremely excited to work with the Graduate Student Senate. As Vice President, she believes that the GSS will help transcend the values of Villanova’s motto, “Unitas, Veritas, Caritas” by bringing the graduate students together, creating a more unified student body, and developing relationships across the entire graduate student community. She is eager to gather feedback from students and help develop programs that will benefit both the upcoming school year and future years.

The Treasurer will be responsible for drafting and maintaining the budget and the other financial records of the GSS. This includes preparation and submission of the final budget, recording and reporting all spending, coordinating reimbursements, and assisting with planning of GSS events with the Events Committee. The Treasurer may not be the Treasurer for any other organization while holding this position. The Treasurer will also perform any duties assigned to them by the President.

GSS Treasurer 2023-2024: Ibukun Ogunjimi


Ibukunoluwa Ogunjimi is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Mathematics from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. She was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and grew up in a Christian family.

In 2006, Ibukun graduated as the valedictorian of her class from the West Nigeria Christian College (WNCC). She studied Computer/Mathematics Education at the Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka, Lagos, where she again graduated as the valedictorian of her class in 2010.

She pursued her love for Mathematics at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), where she earned a BSc in Mathematics. While at OAU, Ibukun volunteered as a Peer Health Educator with the Campus Health and Rights Initiative (CHRI) from 2011 to 2014, promoting healthy living among students. She was also elected Vice President of the National Association of Mathematics Students of Nigeria, OAU (NAMSN) in 2014, demonstrating her leadership abilities and dedication to her field of study.

After completing her degree, Ibukun served in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). She worked with the Editorial Board Community Development Service promoting Corpers Voice and taught Mathematics at the Nigerian Navy Secondary School Port Harcourt. In 2017, she was appointed as a Computer Instructor at the same school, where she shared her knowledge of information and communication technology with others. Notably, she implemented the online result-processing system in the school, highlighting her technical skills and ability to contribute to educational advancements.

In 2020, Ibukun earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from the National Teachers’ Institute, further solidifying her qualifications as an educator. The following year, she transitioned into a new role as a Strategy Analyst, where she utilized her analytical and problem-solving skills.

In her career, Ibukun has demonstrated a deep commitment to education and personal growth for herself and many others. She continues to inspire others through her work and dedication.

Outside of her professional endeavors, she also enjoys singing with the choir and playing table tennis.

The Secretary will be responsible for recording meeting minutes for the GSS Executive Board, General Assembly, and Town Halls. This includes taking attendance, summarizing meeting minutes for all GSS members and other stakeholders, and maintaining GSS records. The Secretary will work with the President and the Communications Officer to oversee internal and external communications to the Villanova Community. The Secretary will also perform any duties assigned to them by the President.

GSS Secretary 2023-2024: Victor Cochrane


Victor Cochrane graduated from Lehigh University in 2022 with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics. While at Lehigh, he served as the President of the Student Senate, overseeing an organization of over sixty individuals where he emphasized creating positive community change and open communication channels with the Lehigh administration. As a part of Student Senate, Victor strived to connect with other student organizations to amplify and assist their mission goals and objectives. Victor was also a part of the  Lehigh in Silicon Valley program. This skill-based program included case analysis for startups focusing on solving current business problems with innovative solutions. Victor also spent a summer interning for, a Dubai startup, where he strengthened communication distribution channels while diversifying their clientele portfolio by penetrating the American market.

Victor is currently a Villanova Law as part of the Class of 2025. For the upcoming school year, he will serve as the Alumni Relations for the Student Bar Association for the law school, Vice President for the Entertainment and Media Law Society, and the Public Relations Chair for the Entertainment and Media Law Society.

He is extremely excited to work with the Graduate Student Senate. He believes that the GSS is an excellent initiative that can transcend the boundaries of each graduate school to create a strong and cohesive Villanova graduate community. He is excited to gather feedback from the graduate students to bring to the administration and discover relevant programming that incentivizes students to build relationships with each other. Thank you!

The Communications Officer will be responsible for maintaining communications with the Villanova Community. These communications may include a website, mailing lists, any and all social media, and meeting announcements. The Communications Officer will also be the liaison to the Villanova University Student Government Association (SGA). The Communications Officer will also perform any duties assigned to them by the President.

GSS Communications Officer 2023-2024: Max Rotondo  


Max Rotondo, a Philadelphia native born and raised on the Main Line, attended Lower Merion High School. He then attended Susquehanna University before transferring to Cabrini University, where he served in various on- and off-campus organizations. Max is currently enrolled as an MBA student at Villanova with a concentration in finance and serves in the fellowship program. Prior to joining Villanova, he worked at Munich RE Group, the number-one reinsurance firm in the world. There, he worked on numerous projects, but two of his biggest accomplishments were working with senior-level leadership in a combined effort to set up a new system to receiving and deliver mail to reduce costs and delivery times. He also worked directly with the Head of Service Delivery to set up and enhance better communication pathways with customers and vendors.

In March 2021, Max partnered with the Pennsylvania COVID-19 Task Force to help people book their vaccinations. He worked with Senator Amanda Cappelletti and Senator Carolyn Comitta to make it easier for seniors to obtain the vaccine without having to travel far. Shortly thereafter, Max was interviewed by 6ABC’s Maggie Kent and Fox43’s Jamie Bittner to address his volunteer efforts and to give advice on when the best time to schedule an appointment is and what information you can bypass in the appointment set-up process.

Max has been an active board member at Bethel Academy since 2020, which is an organization located in Ardmore that provides after-school tutoring services to students in grades K–8. In Max’s free time, he enjoys sports like football, baseball, and basketball, working out, hiking, spending time with family and friends, the jersey shore, working with animals, and traveling.

The External Affairs Officer will be responsible for coordinating relationships with organizations outside of Villanova University. The External Affairs Officer will be responsible for following national trends that affect graduate students, bringing opportunities from beyond the University to the attention of graduate students, and reporting any potential issues to the GSS.

Furthermore, the President, Vice-President, and External Affairs Officer will serve on the University Council as the three (3) graduate student representatives per the University Council bylaws.

GSS External Affairs Officer 2023-2024: Iuri Piovezan


Iuri is a former graduate of Temple University who is now an M.A student in Political Science at Villanova. As a graduate student, Iuri devotes his time to researching the rise of populism worldwide, and how have governments and people responded to it. Over the years, he has been successful in publishing in journals around the nation like the International Affairs Forum, UCSB Undergraduate Journal of History, Undergraduate Research Journal, and Perceptions Magazine, Temple University’s Undergraduate Journal of History. Iuri is also keen on writing about political issues, publishing in the International Affairs Forum, Penn Political Review, Brazilian Times, and Carolina Political Review. As a result of his work, Iuri has been greatly recognized by Temple University, the Pan-American Association of Philadelphia, Villanova University, L’Arche Syracuse, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, where he received the “Kentucky Colonel” recognition by Governor Andy Beshear.

The International Student Affairs Officer will be responsible for monitoring issues, initiatives, and institutional, domestic, and international policies related to the well-being of the international students at Villanova University. The International Student Affairs Officer must be an international student.  The International Student Affairs Officer will assist Villanova with the integration of international students into the academic, cultural, and social life of Villanova and its surrounding communities. The International Student Affairs Officer will also perform any duties tasked to them by the President.

GSS International Student Affairs Officer 2023-2024: Luis Gomero

headshot of luis gomero international student affairs officer

Luis M. Gomero, PhD student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, focuses on brain imaging for cognitive activity and physiological monitoring under the direction of Dr. Meltem Izzetoglu in the Optical Brain Imaging laboratory. Specializing in signal processing and programming, Luis uses those skills to improve current methods for assessing cerebral blood flow and monitoring cognitive states and activity.

 A deep belief in the power of technology as a central driver to improve health and access to affordable and accurate health monitoring techniques, along with a great passion for signal processing and biomedical science, led him to pursue studies from Villanova, where he did his master's degree, and is currently doing research using multimodal technologies such as EDA, EEG, fNIRS, DCS.
 Prior to joining Villanova, Luis was a data center and corporate cloud product analyst/owner for Claro Ecuador and was responsible for managing and prioritizing the cloud product portfolio, as well as translating product managers' strategies into development.

 Luis is also interested in entrepreneurship and Telecommunications, earned an MS in Project Management from Universitat de Barcelona, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering from ESPOL University in Ecuador.

 During his time in Villanova, Luis has joined different activities, programs, and organizations, such as, Villanova at the European Innovation Academy, Villanova in the Valley, VU Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Villanova Men’s Rowing Club, and Villanova Leadership Program (VLP).

A GSS Senator is nominated by their academic graduate program and will represent their graduate program and its students at the General Assembly and Town Hall meetings. The Senator will serve as the liaison between the GSS and their academic program. If you are interested in serving your graduate program on the GSS, please reach out to your graduate program director.