Current Villanova students being hired by Villanova to provide services are typically not required to carry General Liability, Workers Compensation, or Employers Liability.


Automobile Liability
Students who will be driving personal vehicles on campus, including The Inn at Villanova University, or to Villanova events off campus in order to provide services are required to carry automobile liability insurance as required by law. The automobile insurance covering the personal vehicle always responds to accidents and damage. This means that if the student's vehicle is damaged or the student is in an accident while driving his/her vehicle, the personal automobile insurance would respond to any damage and/ or injuries and the student would be responsible for any costs not covered by insurance, including deductibles. The University does not and cannot carry insurance for personal vehicles.  

Health Insurance 
All students providing services to Villanova must have health insurance in place. The student’s health insurance policy will respond to any injuries or medical expenses arising out of the services the student is providing. The student is not required to provide evidence of health insurance.


Entertainers on campus who are current Villanova Students are required to sign the below applicable document prior to performing at Villanova unless the Student Entertainer provides his/ her own contract that needs to be reviewed as required by The Villanova University Signing Authority and Contract Review Procedure. If the Student Entertainer provides his/ her own contract that is required to be reviewed, please send the contract to Insurance and Risk Management who will review and add all necessary terms.

Insurance and Risk Management

Procurement Office
Phone: 610-519-4231

Payment Information

  • Villanova University has partnered with PaymentWorks to handle all onboarding of all new Payees. PaymentWorks is a cloud-based software that is free of charge to our Payees. This software lets you enter all your information about your company or as an individual and allows this information to be reviewed quickly and efficiently by the University. This also helps reduce the risk of fraud for both the University and the Payee by ensuring information is accurate and verified as required. Updating your information is done quickly as you can request all updates through PaymentWorks as well. Payees will also be able to monitor their invoices and see exactly when their payments will be processed for payment. Once set-up in PaymentWorks, you will be able to link to other Universities and companies that already use this system for their vendor management.
  • Payees must receive an invitation from Villanova University in order to become an approved Payee within our purchase order and payment system. This invitation must be initiated by a University Department. Please be sure to fill out your information in PaymentWorks correctly and accurately to avoid any delays in your onboarding process with Villanova University.  Payees that require picking a Vendor Type Classification Code should refer to the Vendor Classification Guide to help you choose the correct information to provide in PaymentWorks. Choosing the correct Vendor type helps the University identify insurance requirements as well as other documentation that needs to be provided as part of your on-boarding process.
  • Payees can find more information about PaymentWorks on the PaymentWorks website.
  • Questions can be sent directly to Procurement or by contacting PaymentWorks.
  • All vendors must follow the Invoice Processing Procedures to ensure timely payment.
  • The University will not issue any purchase orders or release any payments to the vendor until these forms are received by the Procurement Office.
  • All Vendor must comply with our Procurement Office Terms and Conditions.
  • Questions regarding any of these forms can be directed to Procurement.

1099-MISC Pennsylvania Tax Information

Beginning January 1, 2018, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue now requires that payments of Pennsylvania source non-employee compensation or business income to a non-resident individual or disregarded entity that has a non-resident member and is reported on a 1099-MISC, have withheld from such payments an amount equal to the tax rate specified at 72 P.S. § 7302 (which is currently 3.07%). Effective June 26, 2018, Villanova University will withhold and remit income tax from all payments made if the vendor meets the above stated requirements. A Form 1099-MISC will also be filed with the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue noting the full year’s Pennsylvania source non-employee compensation or business income earned and any tax withheld and remitted to the State.

More information about these changes can be found here. All questions regarding this tax should be addressed by your accountant, or you can contact the PA Department of Revenue.


The 1099-MISC Withholding Exemption Certificate should be filled out if you are EXEMPT from Pennsylvania's 1099-MISC withholding. Once the form has been completed, please send it to

Or mail to:
Villanova University
Procurement Office
789 E. Lancaster Ave.
Villanova, PA 19085

Villanova FEIN: 23-1352688




If any of your employees will be on Villanova campus and have direct contact with minors, you must ensure that the Reporting and Clearance Amendment is completed an on file at Villanova Procurement Office.

This company and its principles:

  • Are not presently debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded from a covered transaction by any Federal Department or Agency.
  • Have not within a three-year period preceding the effective date of this agreement convicted of or had a civil  judgment rendered against them for commission of fraud or a criminal offense in connection with obtaining,attempting to obtain, or performing public (Federal, State or Local) transaction or contract under a public transaction; violation of Federal or State antitrust statutes or commission of embezzlement, theft, forgery,bribery, falsification or destruction of records, making false statements, or receiving stolen property.
  • Are not presently indicted for or otherwise criminally or civilly charged by a governmental entity (Federal, State or Local) with commission of any of the offenses enumerated in paragraph (b) herein; Have not within a three-year period preceding this application/proposal had one or more public transactions (Federal, State or  Local) terminated for cause or default.
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