The Procurement Office is responsible for the acquisition of goods and services for the University community in a manner which ensures the best value for the University.



Step by step instructions on how to make a purchase.


Information on procurement & declining balance cards


Villanova's electronic purchasing system.


Villanova's automated invoicing and expense process.


Information on onboarding new vendors.


Preferred vendors for ground transportation needs.


Complete resources for employee business travel.

Help Desk

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On-line Auction for Obsolete Items

The University uses Public Surplus Auction to find buyers who will purchase and pick up your obsolete/no longer needed items (lab instruments, furniture, vehicles, etc.).  Villanova’s Terms and Conditions specific to auctioning are automatically applied to each auction. The winner of the auction is chosen by Villanova, and that winner must pick up the item at their expense and accept the item “as is”.  The University has no obligation to sell the product if we do not agree with the price we receive.  There is no cost to the University for this service.

This is an excellent way to create space and generate funds for your department. If you would like more information, please check out our Preferred Suppliers contract for Public Surplus or contact Cathy Bradley.


UPS Price Increase

Villanova University’s current contract with UPS ended on April 24, 2022, ending substantial discount rates that the University received.  The University currently has a temporary six-month contract extension in effect while the Procurement Office works with other agencies and buying groups to find a more favorable plan for the University. Please be aware that you may experience a 30-60% increase in shipping costs due to this new contract extension based on world events and the increased fuel costs required for shipping.  These increases, even though they are substantial, are less than shipping via a non-Villanova UPS account or shipping via Fed Ex, in most cases.

As soon as our contact has been renegotiated, the Procurement Office will inform the University.

Questions can be addressed to John Durham.