Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Research

Title: Beneficial Reuse of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement in Geotechnical Infrastructure
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Investigators: Dr. Jonathan Hubler and Dr. Kristin Sample-Lord

Title: Collaborative Research: Closing the Gap Between Theory and Evidence: Coupled Phenomena in Unsaturated Bentonite Barriers Under Variable Temperature and Chemical Conditions
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Investigator: Dr. Kristin Sample-Lord

Title: Impact of Nutrient and Fines Accumulation and Distribution on Stormwater Rain Garden Performance
Sponsor: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Investigator: Dr. Kristin Sample-Lord and Dr. Virginia Smith

Title: Delaware River Watershed Initiative: Monitoring and Modeling of Stormwater in the Upstream Suburban Philadelphia Cluster
Sponsor: The William Penn Foundation

Title: RAPID: Evaluation of Pre and Post Blast Liquefaction Soil and Site Parameters
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Investigators: Dr. Jonathan Hubler


Dr. Jonathan Hubler
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Dr. Kristin Sample-Lord
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Dr. Shweta Shrestha
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