The design of sustainable management systems is evolving. Engineers and planners cannot manage stormwater using practices of the past. New and future rules and practicality will simply not allow it.

Just like detention basins, designs that incorporate infiltration, water quality treatment, and stream bank protection are changing dramatically as we learn more about design and maintenance. Consequently, engineering and planning firms that understand and are involved with research on these new practices will have a strategic advantage over those firms that do not.

Our Research Affiliates, Members and Friends, from both the public and private sector, understand this reality and have joined us in our mission to advance the practice of comprehensive stormwater management. For information on becoming a Research Partner, please contact us at

Updated 2/27/2024


Aterra Solutions
Contech Engineered Solutions, LLC
Ferguson Waterworks
Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc.
Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson, Inc.
Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.  

Michael Baker International
NTM Engineering, Inc.
NV5, Inc.
OptiRTC, Inc.
Princeton Hydro, LLC
Sci-Tek Consultants, Inc.
Sustainable Business Network
T&M Associates


Become a Member

Partnerships only accelerate progress and we at VUSP are focused on providing our members with research updates, timely content, and purposeful community.

Benefits of Membership

  • Discounted Symposium (October 2024) admission and Booth charges
  • Newsletter (4 times a year) with all partner Logos, and a section highlighting our Partners for the stormwater community
  • PDH Form with every VUSP/ VCRWS Presentations
  • Library of past presentations, Journal Publication Links
  • Library of Thesis / Dissertations
  • Annual discussion of research lessons learned and needs with Partners
  • Annual Partners tour of our research sites
  • Networking opportunities with our soon to graduate student researchers
  • Staying up to date with our cutting-edge research

We base our fees on your office or firms’ technical staff to include engineers, landscape architects, soil scientists, environmental science, inspectors, and those involved with stormwater management. We realize that you may have structural or other areas that would not benefit from the partnership, so do not include them in the number. Bottom line is if you think they would benefit, they should be included.

Our initial breakdowns are:

< 5 - $1650 per year
<10 - $2200
<20 - $3300
<32 - $4400
<40 - $5500
Unlimited - $10,000 


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Diversity, equity, and inclusion are integral components of the teaching and learning experience and an essential element of the ongoing intellectual, social, and spiritual development of every member of the Villanova Community.  

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