Villanova University’s unique Engineering Entrepreneurship minor was started with funds from the Kern Family Foundation, whose objective it is to equip engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset that will enable them to contribute to business success.

Open to students in all majors and begins with an exciting course in Creativity and Innovation.  

For specific course requirements, electives and policy,
please view the Villanova University Undergraduate Catalog.

New Course

EGEN 2400 Intellectual Property Management for Scientists and Engineers
A course in the fundamentals of the intricate landscape of intellectual property management. Gain comprehensive insights into patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Learn strategies for protecting innovations and maximizing their commercial potential, essential for success in competitive industries.

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A sampling of courses offered for this minor

  • Opportunity analysis
  • New product ideation and development
  • Intellectual property
  • Project management
  • Prototyping
  • Basic accounting and finance concepts
  • Project funding
  • Product launching
  • New product marketing
  • Risk management
  • Team development
Final presentation of a student team
Student presenting prototype at final presentation

Students work in teams under the guidance of faculty members and experienced entrepreneurs to develop marketable products and services. They also benefit from the Engineering Entrepreneurship Mentor Network, a student-run organization comprised of engineering entrepreneurship program alumni with a focus on providing mentor support for current student teams, conducting networking events, and serving as a touchpoint for graduates.


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For more information, please email Lauri Olivier



“In the job market, everyone wants to see your attitude, that you are ready to accept challenges. That is hugely related to our entrepreneurship classes.”

Abigail Buckenheimer, Mechanical Engineering



“The minor is the reason I landed my job at Microsoft when I graduated.”

Daniel Lorenzetti, Computer Engineering



“The engineering entrepreneurship minor is amazing.  What I thought was just going to be a series of lectures on starting a business turned into a series of the most rewarding classes I have taken at Villanova.  I had the opportunity to take an idea from a mere dream to completion, culminating in presenting with my team to a group of investors as a part of the Villanova Student Entrepreneurship Competition.”

Nicholas Fonzo, Chemical Engineering