College of Engineering Strategic Plan: 2023-2033

It’s such an important time to be an engineer. With the speed of change in our field, education is critically important to train the next generation of students and generate new knowledge.

It is with this in mind that our community of faculty, staff, students, University administrators and alumni came together to develop our 2023-2033 Strategic Plan for the College of Engineering. This plan will serve as our roadmap to help guide resources and focus for the next decade. Inspired by the objectives outlined in Villanova’s Strategic Plan, Rooted. Restless., the College identified areas of strength and opportunities for growth—avenues to further our commitment to igniting change for the greater good.

Culture & Climate




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A Collaborative Process

The creation of this Strategic Plan was a collaborative effort that included voices from more than 140 individuals from across the College community, including faculty, staff, administrators, undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni. Discussions facilitated over the course of 12 months helped to inform the direction of the plan, with key themes emerging surrounding growth, inclusion, equitability and sustainability—notably, that every Villanova Engineer will be a Sustainable Engineer. Throughout the process, the College remained guided by Villanova’s Augustinian Catholic values of Veritas, Unitas and Caritas, as well as by the goals and ideals identified in the University’s Rooted. Restless. Strategic Plan.



Overarching Goals


Themes & Objectives