At Villanova, we believe that finding meaning in your work and forging a career path is a deeply personal and highly individualized process. We work together as a community—career advisers, faculty, staff, parents and alumni—to support and empower Villanovans through every phase of their professional journey.


Student speaking to a staff member in the lobby of Villanova's Career Center office.

Available to all Villanova students and alumni, the University Career Center provides a wide variety of comprehensive career services as well as tailored support that meets the unique and individual needs of Villanovans at every stage.

Students and alumni benefit from a breadth of services designed to prepare them for the road ahead, including career exploration resources, immersion programs, networking opportunities, interviewing and negotiation workshops and industry-specific advising, among many others.

Note: Students and alumni of the Charles Widger School of Law primarily seek the services and support of the School's Office of Career Strategy and Advancement.


Innovative career and professional development concepts are integrated into the curriculum of every college starting as early as a student’s first year. 


Professional Development and Internship opportunities for liberal arts and sciences undergraduate students include one-credit courses, experiential learning, networking and mentoring opportunities, professional skill-building workshops, one-on-one peer coaching, and individualized support from College staff. All programming is designed to support students on their college-to-career journey, helping them make informed decisions about their next steps.


Graduate students are encouraged to contact their faculty advisor or program director to construct their unique career and professional development plan, as each program offers resources tailored to their students’ specific needs. In addition, the Office of Graduate Studies supports a number of initiatives and partners with other University offices to offer research and professional development programming geared to graduate students.


All Engineering undergraduates must participate in the Career Compass professional development program. The program combines online modules and required activities, such as attending professional events, with one-on-one mentorship from an Engineering alum.

Engineering students are also encouraged to join the Villanova chapters of professional organizations representing particular fields and affinity groups.


Master’s and PhD students have access to the Drosdick Graduate Club, which offers professional, academic and social support while creating connections across departments. The club sponsors networking events, lectures and an annual poster competition, among other activities.

Doctoral students may also take part in a professional development course that covers topics including ethics, leadership and strategic planning. Participants have the option of pursuing a graduate certificate as an Academic or Industry Scholar.

Villanova Law’s three-year Professional Development program engages students in meaningful career exploration and professional skills and competencies development. The mandatory courses follow a progression over a student’s law school career, from self-assessments to guided presentations and meetings, to independent work.

Combining a robust legal education with coursework designed to develop and strengthen students' professional skills, Villanova Law prepares students to be ready and adaptive in a changing and varied legal landscape. 


VSB’s Charlotte and James V. O’Donnell ’63 Center for Professional Development provides opportunities and resources that guide students in pursuing their professional goals, including the required Backpack-to-Briefcase professional development curriculum, experiential learning opportunities and support, a wide array of career education programs and student business societies, and VSB’s Undergraduate Mentor Program. The O’Donnell Center is housed within the Clay Center (Bartley 1054), VSB’s undergraduate student services center.



VSB graduate students are provided comprehensive career services through dedicated career and professional development staff in the VSB Graduate Business Office (Bartley 1074). Students have access to one-on-one career coaching appointments, mentoring programs, premium job search tools and various networking opportunities.

The LEAD Professional Development Program is a co-curriculum using experiential learning activities and assignments to impart knowledge and skill above what is offered in the nursing curriculum about business etiquette, soft skills and strategic career mapping. The purpose of the program is to increase student confidence and skill in obtaining, retaining and advancing in their professional position.

Undergraduate content includes cultivating a professional attitude, communication, and image, networking, job searching, financial decision-making, continuing education, certification, and alumni engagement.

Graduate student offerings include tailored content such as Nurse Practitioner and Doctor of Nursing Practice role transition, leadership skill development, networking skills, engaging in scholarly discourse, and research dissemination. 

Career resources and services for College of Professional Studies students are available through the Career Center’s Career Management team. 

Whether students are earning their bachelor’s degree, completing a certificate, or continuing their academic journey with a professional education course or program, Villanova offers dedicated resources to support the unique career needs of CPS’s experienced students and professionals.


Student and career adviser in conversation.

The Villanova University Alumni Association and the Villanova University Career Center have partnered to offer sophisticated, flexible career management for alumni of all ages and at all stages of their careers

Services and resources include support for resume writing and interviewing, job opportunities targeted to alumni, individual career coaching, virtual events on a variety of topics, cohort-based programs, and our Villanova-exclusive social and professional network.










“I cannot say enough about how great the alumni network is at Villanova. Even before I got the internship, several Nova alum reached out and helped me prepare for the interview."—Megan Kerwin '21 COE

"My Career Advisers oriented me to my future. My interactions with them were always candid, and they always listened to me, tailoring their answers and guidance to match my goals. I firmly believe this is one of the greatest resources that the law school has to offer and taking advantage of their expertise will enhance any student's experience." —Christopher Rodrigues '19 CWSL

"My Career Management Coach was easy to connect with and immediately helped me identify and correctly highlight the skills and opportunities I had accrued over my decade of work experience. The attention was personal and tailored to my unique work and education history." —Charles Gill '21 CPS


"As a freshman, I had no idea of the type of career I wanted to pursue, and I had extensively thought about changing my major. I began to meet with my career counselor, who has been extremely helpful with affirming my career path ideas, helping me search for appropriate internships, and brushing up my resume. It makes me feel so valued to know that my career counselor knows me by name and keeps me in mind when she comes across relevant networking events and professional development opportunities."—Sadia Decastro ’24 VSB

"Having the support of my industry adviser and the Career Center has been invaluable. With her vast knowledge of job opportunities and nursing recruitment, she has helped me achieve every one of my professional goals. Her expertise and guidance have helped me navigate overwhelming application processes, and I would genuinely recommend the Career Center to any Villanova student.”—Gabrielle Sasso ’23 FCN

"Villanova faculty have connections with leaders in public service that allow students to participate in various classroom experiences, such as consulting projects and strategic advocacy plans, that have the potential to create real impact for those organizations. Practical experiences like these have given me the confidence to personally reach out and network with other organizations whose missions align with my career interests."—Ryan Kelly ’23 MPA, CLAS