List of Student Organizations

Updated 10/23/2023


Eta Kappa Nu
Electrical and Computer Engineering honor society.
President:  TBA
AdvisorEdward Char

Omega Chi Epsilon
National Honor Society for Chemical Engineering.
President: Jonathan Forbes
Advisor: Dr. Jacob Elmer
ActivitiesTutoring and study sessions, service, social events

Pi Tau Sigma
Mechanical Engineering honor society.
President: Elyse Sanchez
Advisor: Dr. Hashem Ashrafiuon

Tau Beta Pi
Engineering honor society representing the entire engineering profession.
President: Jacob Janavel
Advisor: Dr. Randy Weinstein
ActivitiesTutoring, national conference


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Student branch of professional aerospace engineering. 
President: Patrick Kumar
Activities: Visits to air museums, aerodynamics projects, regional competitions

American Institute of Chemical Engineers 
Student branch of professional chemical engineering.
President: Ryan Forte
Advisor: Dr. Michael Smith
Activities: Regional & national conferences, guest speakers, industry plant tours, senior graduation event, faculty-student sporting events

American Society of Civil Engineers 
Student branch of professional civil engineering.
President: Andrew Kline
Advisor: Dr. Frank Hampton
Activities: Regional conference, guest speakers, Younger Members Forum meetings

American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Student branch of professional mechanical engineering.
President: Alex van Vliet
Advisor: Dr. Calvin Li 
Activities: Field trips, regional conference, beetlebots events, guest speakers

Engineering in Medicine and Biology
President: Jenna Fazio
Advisor: Meltem Izzetoglu

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
A student branch of professional electrical engineering.
President: Jenna Fazio
Advisor: Dr. Robert Caverly
Activities: Internship panel, guest speakers, field trips

Institute of Transportation Engineers
Student branch of an international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs.
President: TBD
Advisor: Chengfeng Xiong
Activities: Guest speakers, field trips

National Society of Black Engineers
A student branch of the professional organization designed to reach out to minorities in the areas of engineering and applied sciences.
President: Ahmed Abdelgalil
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Jones  
Activities: Regional and national conferences, study lock-ins, guest speakers, Saturday mentoring program, NSBE Junior

National Society of Professional Engineers
Student branch of professional organization designed to inspire, encourage students to pursue their PE License.
President: TBD
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Walkup
Activities: Speakers, Order of the Engineer Ceremony

Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
A student branch of a national organization that is dedicated to the advancement of Asian heritage scientists and engineers.
President: Mary Dam
Advisors: Dr. Maggie Wang

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
President: Ariana Rojas
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Jones
Activities: Guest speakers, national conferences

Society of Women Engineers
A student branch of the professional organization designed to foster and support women in the field of engineering.
President: Emma Olson
Advisors: Dr. Noelle Comolli
Activities: Recruitment events, community outreach, regional and national conferences, networking dinner


Engineering Student Council
A student organization that serves as the liaison between the students and the College administration.
President: Lauren Iskander
Advisor: Gayle Doyle 
ActivitiesNational Engineers' Week events, end of semester "stress busters," community building events


Peers Enhancing Educational Resources for Students
A Villanova Engineering student organization providing peer mentoring to all students, with the emphasis on freshman and transitional students.
Co-Presidents: Sara Brown and Kate O’Brien
Advisor: Gayle Doyle 
Activities: Meetings with assigned groups of first-year students, office open daily for help

Well-Being Committee
Dedicated to fostering a mutually supportive environment of wellness for students, faculty and staff in which all members feel a sense of belonging to an inclusive and healthy engineering community

EWC Co-Chairs:
Laura Matthews (Staff) and student TBD

Subcommittee Co-Chairs:
CBE: Dr. Dorothy Skaf (Faculty)

CEE: Dr. David Dinehart (Faculty)

ECE: Edward Char (Faculty), 

ME TBD (Faculty) and Student TBD

Drosdick Graduate Club: Brandon Simons (Student)


  1. Dr. Stephen Jones, coaching hours
  2. Counseling Center


Amateur Radio
Maintains a radio station available to all licensed students, faculty, and alumni; educate students about amateur radio; prepare for emergency situations and support members of the Villanova community in case of emergency; and learn through projects and experiments.
President: Sanskar Agrawal
Advisor: Dr. Alan Johnson

Chem E Car
Engages college students in designing and constructing a car powered by a chemical energy source, that will safely carry a specified load over a given distance and stop.
Presidents: Ryan Forte
Advisor: Dr. Noelle Comolli
Activities: Regional and national competitions

CubeSat Club
CubeSat’s are nanosatellites—small, lightweight satellites that send telemetry information over radio signals received on earth by a ground station. CubeSat Club members learn about space science and engineering, orbital mechanics, energy production via solar cells, and more. Learn more.
President: Benjamin Stapleton
Advisor: Dr. Alan Johnston
Activities: Building simulators, assisting with the freshman CubeSat mini-design projects, earning amateur radio licenses and ham radio callsigns, presenting at conferences and conventions, STEM outreach

Formula SAE
A student project that designs and competes formula-style racing cars. Visit the team’s Facebook page.
Team Captain: Will Stoval

Advisor: Dr. Jerry Jones, Dr. Stephen McGill, and Chris Townend
Activities: Competitions

Launched by the U.S. Office of the Naval Research in 2012, the Maritime RobotX Challenge (RobotX) is focused on autonomous surface vehicle platforms and sensors. Villanova Engineering competes in the biennial competition.
Advisor: Drs. C. Nataraj and Garrett Clayton
Activities: Competition


NovaCANE brings engineering into the classrooms of 6th–8th graders in area schools.
President: Mia Farina
Advisor: Dr. David Dinehart
Activities: Teaching and hands-on experiments with local school children, teacher education