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The purpose of our professional development program, LEAD, is to provide M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing students with tools to enhance their academic education so that they can effectively represent Villanova University, the Fitzpatrick College of Nursing and themselves in the workforce as successful nursing professionals.

Career Outcomes

Class of 2020 Outcomes

At Villanova, we have demonstrated that we prepare students well for their professional field. They are highly sought by recruiters and enjoy a consistently high successful placement rate. We also want to prepare them for the healthcare market with the knowledge, social skills and confidence needed to function in the business environment and in professional situations.

Our graduates are accountable for their professional growth in order to represent themselves well as Villanova Nurses. We educate students that this is their responsibility and give them opportunities and connections to launch themselves through the LEAD program.

Freshmen gain a perspective on careers in nursing, professional behavior and expectations starting in their early interactions and continue to build on the knowledge and skills over four years.


Career Day

Having the Nursing career you’ve dreamed of means landing the positions you need.

In school, it might mean obtaining a hospital-based summer externship between junior and senior years. The externship enhances what you have learned in your BSN program.

After graduation, it might mean earning the right position in the right hospital or other healthcare facility to meet your goals and launch your career.

It’s a big world and a profession with endless possibilities.  So where do you start? Who gives you guidance? How do you get connected? You'll start with the LEAD program and enjoy confidently connecting with employers at Nursing Career Day.

Career Day—sponsored by the College’s student group the Undergraduate Nursing Senate and organized in conjunction with the University Career Center—is held every fall semester. Career Day is designed to get you what you need to make connections and important decisions. 

Villanova’s Nursing Career Day is so popular among recruiters from premier hospitals, health care systems, military services, and other organizations that they come (often with Villanova Nurses who work there) from around the country, including Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., and North Carolina. Why do they travel so far to come to one place for one day for one event?

One reason: They want Villanova Nurses.

At the event, all the recruiters are in one spot, waiting to speak with you. You gain real-time information on externships from recruiters. You have pre-interview discussions with recruiters about the hiring process and updated information on open positions for your first job after graduation. You get to hand your resume to the actual recruiters (or find out from them how to apply online), the first decision makers in the process.

Villanova’s Nursing Career Day is one of many opportunities we create with and for our students.

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Career Day