Learn about our various real estate scholarship opportunities for VSB real estate students. Search through each scholarship opportunity to see if you qualify! The Daniel M. DiLella Center for Real Estate encourages students to get involved in the real estate industry, volunteer in the community, and explore all possible development opportunities.

To date, CREW Network Foundation has given 196 scholarships totaling $1,147,500 USD

The CREW Network Foundation scholarship program supports female students as they pursue university-level education that will lead to careers in commercial real estate. With the help of its generous donors and the Linda Hollemon Scholarship Endowment, CREW Network Foundation grants 30 $5,000 academic scholarships annually.

CREW Network Foundation scholars receive:

  • $5,000 USD (or the CAD equivalent) for tuition and books
  • Paid summer internship opportunity
  • Complimentary 24-month CREW Network student membership
  • Complimentary registration to the CREW Network Convention
  • A six-month mentoring opportunity with a senior leader in commercial real estate


Nichole Vanner
CREW Network Foundation Coordinator
+1 (785) 856-8286

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Davis Property Management has run this scholarship program since 2015 to support and encourage students’ education prep for a career in the real estate industry. The program is open to ANY undergraduate or graduate college students who are currently enrolled at your university who have a future desire to pursue a career within any niche in the real estate industry.

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  • Federal Realty Undergraduate Diversity Scholarship
  • Schurgin Family Foundation Scholarship
  • Schurgin Family Foundation Entrepreneurial Scholarship
  • Sheldon Gordon Scholarship for Women
  • ICSC Undergraduate Diversity Scholarship

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In keeping with our educational mission, the Pension Real Estate Association awards scholarships on an annual basis to promising students studying real estate at the undergraduate and graduate levels. These scholarships are awarded through our own scholarship program and financial need is considered in determining the amount of each award. Potential recipients who demonstrate no need will be eligible to receive the minimum award. PREA is also a longstanding corporate donor to the Robert A. Toigo Foundation and their fellowships for minority and women students.

In 2020, the program distributed $30,000 to students in the following manner:

  1. $20,000 was given to graduate and undergraduate students majoring or concentrating in real estate. Funds were disseminated according to our criteria through PREA's scholarship program administrator, Scholarship America. 
  2. $10,000 was granted to the Robert A. Toigo Foundation to support the education and professional development of minority students pursuing careers in real estate. The Robert Toigo Foundation selected four Fellows who shared in the $10,000 award.

For more information about the Robert A. Toigo Foundation, its partnerships and its programs, please visit

The American Immobiliare College Scholarship Program supports the next generation of Italian-American influencers and innovators in commercial real estate. Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis to graduate and undergraduate students that are studying real estate and other related subjects including architecture and civil engineering. Applications are accepted between March and April each year and are announced in July. American Immobiliare scholarships help recipients underwrite part of the cost of their college tuition. Scholarships are a one-time award stipend for one year only.

Application Process

Students interested in applying must submit an application. The American Immobiliare scholarship committee reviews and evaluates all applications and may ask select applicants and their families for an in-person interview.


  • Graduate and undergraduate students majoring in or studying real estate or related subjects including architecture and civil engineering
  • Strong emphasis on community service and leadership
  • Solid academic achievement with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Citizen, national, or legal permanent resident of the United States

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OrganizationSprak Design

Who Can Apply: This scholarship is open to full-time college students, both graduate and undergraduate students, who are studying real estate or a related field and have complete at least one college semester. Applicants must be from the U.S., Canada, or Australia and must have a 3.9 GPA to qualify. To apply, you must submit an essay, two reference letters, a current resume, and transcripts. Sprak developed this award to help students who are struggling financially with their real estate education.

Amount: $5,000


Real Estate Scholarship Program

OrganizationAIS Technolabs

Who Can Apply: The Real Estate Scholarship Program is for American, Canadian, and Australian citizens or permanent residents who are current college students. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for the award, provided applicants are studying real estate. The application requires a 3.0 GPA, a resume, and a personal essay on a topic determined by AIS Technolabs. AIS has numerous other scholarships for those studying in areas like accounting and human resources that may also be applicable to some future realtors.

Amount: $5,000, non-renewable


AIERF Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships

Organization: Appraisal Institute Education and Relief Foundation (AIERF)

Who Can Apply: The Appraisal Institute has numerous scholarships available to students and professionals in real estate and other programs. In particular, they have two merit-based scholarships: One for undergraduates and one for graduate students. Successful applicants must be studying real estate, real estate appraisal, land economics, or a related area.

Amount: Varies


ICSC Undergraduate Scholarship

Organization: International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)

Who Can Apply: This ICSC scholarship is for full-time, undergraduate sophomore, junior, or senior college students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. While a specific field of study is not specified, it is essential that applicants demonstrate an active interest in real estate as a career goal. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA and two essays are required as part of the application.

Amount: $5,000 (renewable)_ in addition to an all-expenses paid trip to ICSC RECon and mentorship.


Schurgin Family Foundation Scholarship

Organization: International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)

Who Can Apply: This is another scholarship from ICSC that is open to U.S. citizens or permanent residents who have an interest in retail real estate and are attending an accredited college or other post-secondary institution full-time. It is also necessary that all applicants maintain a 3.0 GPA and submit two essays.

Amount: $10,000 as well as an all-expenses-paid trip to ICSC RECon or similar event, pairing with an industry mentor, and ICSC membership.


DOC&R Scholarship

Organization: Council of Developers of Outlet Centers & Retailers

Who Can Apply: This scholarship is open to high school seniors or college students in their freshman, sophomore, or junior year who are currently enrolled in a 4-year bachelor's degree program. Applicants should preferably an demonstrate interest in real estate and retail, though no specific major is required. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA and must agree to attend an ICSC event if they are chosen for the scholarship. Multiple winners are selected each year, making this a solid choice for a lot of students.

Amount: $2,000-$2,500 and an all-expenses-paid trip to an ICSC convention in Las Vegas or New York where the winner receives mentoring.


HomeLight Scholarship

Organization: HomeLight

Who Can Apply: This scholarship goes to U.S. residents who are high school or college students who will be or are pursuing a post-secondary education in real estate or another field that centers on building, designing, or marketing homes. Applicants must submit a short personal essay explaining their interest in real estate and their past contributions to housing initiatives in their community. The scholarship competition is held twice each year, in the fall and spring.

Amount: $1,000

Minority Real Estate Scholarships

The following real estate scholarships are aimed at specific minority groups. They are for women, members of racial minorities, members of the LGBT community, people with disabilities, and more. Pursuing real estate education and licensure may be more challenging for members of these groups who face systemic barriers to their participation in higher education. These barriers may include poverty, discrimination, increased familial responsibilities, accessibility needs, and more. These scholarships aim to give members of marginalized communities more opportunities to pursue their education so that they can one day give back to their communities and participate in housing initiatives and real estate businesses. The scholarships on this list are primarily available at the national level, but a few are specific to particular states or cities.


WX Scholars Program

Organization: New York Women Executives in Real Estate

Who Can Apply: Scholarships offered by this program are open to women who have chosen to pursue real estate careers in the New York metropolitan area. Unlike many of the scholarships on this list, WX Scholars Program does not exclusively target college students. Financial assistance is intended to offset tuition, but specific educational levels are not specified, and in some cases, these funds may be applied to student loans or past education. The scholarships are based both on merit and on demonstrated financial need.

Amount: Up to $10,000; mentorship opportunities and no-cost admission to many WX events are also provided.


AIERF Minorities and Women Education Scholarship

Organization: Appraisal Institute Education & Relief Foundation (AIERF)

Who Can Apply: This scholarship is open to minorities and to women who are pursuing education in real estate appraisal and related fields at the post-secondary level. The AIERF emphasizes its non-discrimination policy and advocates for increased opportunities for minority groups through this and other scholarships.

Amount: Varies


PGIM Real Estate Scholarship & Internship

Organization: ICSC

Who Can Apply: This scholarship is open to underrepresented groups in the real estate industry, meaning that it is open to a wide variety of minority groups. This includes racial and ethnic minorities, members of the LGBT community, women, and military veterans. In addition to being a member of one or more of the above groups, applicants must be U.S. citizens in their sophomore year of college. They must have a demonstrated interest in real estate and must have maintained an overall GPA of 3.2. As with other ICSC scholarships, two essays are required as part of the application.

Amount: $5,000, mentorship, a trip to ICSC RECon, and eligibility for a paid summer internship.


Mildred C. Hanson SIOR Memorial Scholarship

Organization: SIOR Foundation

Who Can Apply: Women who are in their junior or senior years of an undergraduate degree in a real estate program or a related field like finance or business are eligible to apply. This scholarship is open to American and Canadian applicants who are aiming to pursue a career in commercial real estate. The scholarship takes financial need and academic merit into consideration when choosing recipients. Two letters of recommendation must be included with the application.

Amount: $4,000


Application Form for the 2022 Barbara Mosteller Scholarship Fund

The deadline for applications to the Barbara Mosteller Scholarship Fund is on or before June 15, 2022.  Please complete ALL sections of the application in a neat and professional manner. 

Completed applications and ALL required submission listed below must be postmarked by the above deadline and mailed to: 

Jason A. Copley, Esquire
Cohen, Seglias, Pallas, Greenhall & Furman, P.C.
United Plaza, 19th Floor
30 South 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Call Jason Copley at (215) 564-1700 with questions.  

Scholarship:  CFMA’s goal is to award one or two scholarships totaling TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ($10,000.00) to qualified candidates as reimbursement for actual Tuition Costs incurred from the Fall of 2022 through the Spring of 2023, and which are not otherwise paid by any other source including the candidate’s employer or other scholarship program. CFMA reserves the right to modify the award amount and the number of recipients selected.  Applicants may be required to provide an accounting of the eligible un-reimbursed Tuition Costs for which the Scholarship is requested.

CFMA utilizes a voucher system, meaning that applicants who receive an award will be given a voucher to redeem the awarded funds within the allowed time.  All payments will be issued in the name of the successful applicants and their institution.  The vouchers will be valid for seven (7) months from the date of the award, which will be in the summer of 2022.

Only Applicants who satisfy ALL of the Below Requirements will be Eligible for a Scholarship:  

1. Applicant must reside and/or work in the geographic area serviced by the CFMA Philadelphia Chapter. 

2. Applicant must have successfully completed 12 college or university credit hours. 

3. Applicant must be (1) enrolled in a program leading to a degree from a college or university that demonstrates a commitment to working in the construction industry in an active management role that requires the use of financial information to be successful or (2) be enrolled in a degree program at a college or university and possess actual industry experience working in the construction industry in an active management role that requires the use of financial information to be successful

4. Applicants may not be members of CFMA, with the exception of student members.   Family members are eligible.  

Requirements for Applications: 

ALL of the following must be submitted timely:  

1. Completed Application Form. 

2. Letter of recommendation establishing commitment to college or university from academic advisor or professor.  Please request such letters in advance of the deadline.

3. Letter of recommendation from current or previous employer (if applicable). 

4. Complete official/original transcript from college or university. 

Download the full application here.

The DiLella Center Scholarship, made possible through generous donations by Villanova alumni and community members working in the real estate industry, is awarded to Villanova University real estate students who have demonstrated strong academic performance, a passion for real estate and a desire to build a career within the industry.

This $2,500 merit-based scholarship is provided to a highly achieving female student that has demonstrated a passion for real estate and a desire to build a career within industry. The Vora Family provides support to women in real estate through this scholarship and through the Wildcat Women in Real Estate (WWIRE). WWIRE was established in 2017 to build relationships among Villanovan real estate professionals and to create professional development opportunities for the benefit of women in or entering the industry.

ICSC Kieran P. Quinn Villanova Undergraduate Award

This scholarship is awarded to a Villanova University real estate student that has demonstrated a passion for real estate and a desire to build a career within the industry. 

About Kieran P. Quinn

The ICSC Foundation announced the Kieran P. Quinn Villanova University Undergraduate Award in 2011. ICSC Foundation 2010 – 2012 Chairman, Kieran P. Quinn, generously endowed the award to the ICSC Foundation for his alma mater Villanova University. The student must be a junior or senior with at least one remaining semester and who has declared a major in real estate or a related field. The student may be studying either full or part time.

Kieran Quinn's gift to the ICSC Foundation helped him benefit two institutions that are very important in his life. The mission of the ICSC Foundation is to attract talent to the retail real estate industry, and what better place to be looking for future members of our industry than Kieran's alma mater, Villanova University. Kieran has left behind a wonderful legacy for both ICSC and Villanova University.

About ICSC

Founded in 1957, ICSC is the premier global trade association of the shopping center industry. Its more than 55,000 members in over 90 countries include shopping center owners, developers, managers, marketing specialists, investors, retailers and brokers, as well as academics and public officials. As the global industry trade association, ICSC links with more than 25 national and regional shopping center councils throughout the world. For more information, visit

About the ICSC Foundation

The ICSC Foundation promotes and rewards community support efforts and provides undergraduate, graduate-level and retail real estate practitioner’s educational scholarships. The Community Support Award program is designed to recognize exceptional contributions by shopping centers or shopping center companies within their communities. Established in 1988, the ICSC Foundation is the non-profit public charity of the Innovating Commerce Serving Communities (ICSC) organization.

A single undergraduate real estate student is selected by Villanova University faculty and staff based upon his/her/their GPA and overall participation in real estate programs and activities with the DiLella Center. 

2022 Scholarship Recipients

Luke Berkowitz

DiLella Center Scholarship Award Recipient

Luke Berkowitz VSB'23

Luke Berkowitz is a senior from Stamford, CT currently pursing a Real Estate major with a minor in studio art. This summer, he was fortunate enough to participate in a Project Management internship with NVR. His love for this industry started in high school where he participated in Habitat for Humanity builds. He looks forward to pursuing a career in Development after completion of his senior year at Villanova. Contact:

Victoria Hill VSB'23

DiLella Center Scholarship Award Recipient

Victoria Hill VSB'23

Victoria Hill is a senior in the Villanova School of Business. She is a real estate and marketing double-major with a business development concentration.

This summer, she has the pleasure of interning at D.R. Horton as a Land Acquisition intern at their Mt. Laurel, New Jersey office. Over the next twelve weeks, she will assist personnel in the Land Department with all aspects of land development, acquisitions, and land/lot purchases. Contact:

Luke Berkowitz

DiLella Center Scholarship Award Recipient

Mary Roddy VSB'23

Mary Roddy is a senior in the Villanova School of Business. She began her journey at Villanova undecided, but after learning about the DiLella Center and its student offerings, she transferred into the business school. She now majors in both Real Estate and Finance. Through the DiLella Center's staff, faculty, resources, and connections, she was able to secure a summer internship at EQT Exeter. Real estate is her passion, and she is thrilled to see what her future holds in this industry. Contact:


DiLella Center Scholarship Award Recipient

Isaiah Taylor VSB'23

Isaiah Taylor recently finished his junior year in VSB, where he is pursuing a Finance and Real Estate double major. During his junior year, Isaiah worked with the Daniel M. DiLella Center for Real Estate to create the "Villanova Ignite Change Case Competition." Isaiah is also active in the VSB Mentor Program, Dan-Tom Real Estate Fund, and NABA. Outside of the classroom, Isaiah recently interned at EQT Exeter in Conshohocken and is currently interning at Harrison Street in Chicago. Isaiah considers himself a "fitness fanatic" and more than anything he has a passion for helping people succeed. Isaiah is looking forward to his senior year and learning more ways to make a positive impact on campus. Contact:


DiLella Center Scholarship Award Recipient

Graham Young VSB'23

Graham is a senior pursuing a Real Estate and Finance major with a minor in Business Analytics. He is from Long Island, New York and is interested in private equity real estate. After his sophomore year, he interned at Five Below in Philadelphia working on the real estate and purchasing teams. This summer, he will be interning for Hudson Advisors in New York City, providing professional assistance with the managing, disposition, and underwriting of real estate assets. At Villanova, he has been a member of the Mentor Program Advisory Board for the past 3 years, facilitating networking events between alumni and current Villanova Students. He looks forward to his senior year and competing in real estate case competitions. Contact:


ICSC Kieran Quinn Scholarship Recipient

Samantha Rathjen VSB'23

Samantha is a senior double majoring in Finance and Real Estate, with a minor in Business Analytics. She is from Long Island, NY and is currently interning at Blackstone's Portfolio Company Link Logistics as an FP&A intern in the NYC office. Contact:


ICSC Kieran Quinn Scholarship Recipient

Anthony Scaglione VSB'23

Anthony is a senior at Villanova School of Business pursuing a double major in real estate and finance. During the summer of 2021, Anthony completed an internship with Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) where he underwrote loans, performed cash flow analysis, and analyzed Operating Statements, Rent Rolls, Operating Statement Analysis Reports (OSARs), and prior reports. In his Junior year, Anthony worked as a Junior Portfolio Manager for the DAN-TOM Real Estate Student Managed Fund where he lead a team in reaching out to potential investment sponsors, completed market research once prospective investments were identified, and provided asset management reports on construction, leasing, and markets of previous investments to the investment committee. This summer, Anthony is looking forward to working as a Capital Markets Summer Analyst at JLL in New York City to continue to strengthen his understanding of the real estate industry and develop meaningful relationships with more real estate professionals. Contact:


SIOR Philadelphia Scholarship Recipient

Colin Park VSB'23

Colin Park is a senior in the Villanova School of Business, majoring in Finance and Real Estate. His passion for real estate developed throughout his summer experience at Avison Young, a global commercial real estate firm in Manhattan, where he worked as an Office Leasing Intern and later became a Data Analyst Intern for the following semester. Since then, his involvement at Villanova has been focused on building towards a career path in real estate. Colin is currently a Portfolio Manager of the Real Estate Sector for Villanova’s Student Managed Equities Fund, as well as an Analyst for the Real Estate Student Managed DAN-TOM Fund. As of most recent, Colin will be a Summer Analyst for Bridge Investment Group as a part of the Debt Strategies Fund in the Manhattan office. Contact:


Vora Family Scholarship for Women in Real Estate Recipient

Meghan Murphy VSB'23

Meghan Murphy is a senior Accounting and Real Estate double major at Villanova University from Rockville, Maryland. At Villanova, she is a member of the student run DAN-TOM fund where she has worked on evaluating investment opportunities. Over the past two summers, she has interned at The Bozzuto Group as a Property Accountant and at CohnReznick LLP auditing real estate clients. This summer, she will be interning at Ernst & Young in their audit practice in McClean, Virginia. Contact: