To compete in the competitive landscape in today’s hiring process, candidates need to showcase their hard and soft skills. To enhance student learning, the following skills are emphasized in the program.

Bloomberg Certification

Required for all students. Whether or not you’ve had access to Bloomberg as an undergraduate student, you will not only be certified but confident in using it as a tool early in your MSF experience. You can learn more about Bloomberg Certification here.

Victoria and Justin Gmelich ’90 Lab for Financial Markets

As a Villanova student, you’ll have access to FactSet, Morning Star Direct, and TraderEx through our Victoria and Justin Gmelich ’90 Lab for Financial Markets. One of the highlights of the Villanova School of Business, our Lab for Financial Markets is a state-of-the art financial research and teaching center that creates a dynamic bridge between financial theory and business practice. The lab truly emulates the Wall Street experience by being a simulated trading room, and provides students with hands-on access to the same data used by Wall Street traders.

Resume Building

We offer one-on-one comprehensive review of your resume. Our professional development staff utilize their industry expertise to help you craft a resume that not only stands out but is geared toward the specific roles you’re seeking.

Industry & Alumni Panels

We know that the most valuable advice you will receive comes from professionals in the finance field. Throughout your time in the program, we welcome alumni and industry experts to campus to discuss industry topics.  

Interviewing Skills

In addition to working with your career advisor, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your interview skills with volunteers and alumni. We offer a panel on Wall Street interviewing, as well as mock interviews with local professionals.