The Victoria and Justin Gmelich ’90 Lab for Financial Markets is designed to develop the next generation of business leaders. With access to the latest technology used in finance, real estate, analytics, and management information systems, students and faculty can learn and research in a dynamic environment that marries technology with their field of study—much like the direction of business today.

Student Managed Funds

The Wildcat Fund is a student-run equity fund that provides a unique hands-on learning experience for VSB students pursuing careers in financial services, specifically sales & trading, investment banking, and asset management. As a member of the Wildcat Fund, students apply what they learn in class and engage in analytical decision-making, teamwork, entrepreneurship and leadership.

A team of approximately 35 students oversee every aspect of this $1 million socially responsible, long-only, equity fund. Students begin training as analysts, learning the basics of portfolio management in Villanova Investment Academy’s training program. While honing their skills, students grow into sector-specific roles by pitching and covering companies within the fund. As a fully student-led fund, all investment decisions are made by the student portfolio managers for each of the 11 GICS sectors.