The Villanova School of Business (VSB) offers a flexible, online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree that will expand your expertise in the latest analytics technologies, applications and business practices while also preparing you to advance your business career.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business world, you need the skills to not only collect and analyze data, but also to transform it into actionable intelligence. Among the top online graduate business programs in the nation, Villanova’s MSBA will give you and your organization the competitive advantage you need to make better data-driven business decisions.


Villanova’s MSBA degree is designed for the working professional. Courses are taught completely online, allowing you the flexibility to learn when your schedule allows. Many classes are held synchronously in the evenings and feature live instruction each week, encouraging real-time discussions and feedback from faculty and peers. Faculty also use recorded presentations, discussion forums and interactive case studies to ensure students gain a thorough understanding of the course content. Students typically complete their MSBA degree in as little as two years.


Why earn a Master of Science in Business Analytics degree over a data analytics certificate? Villanova’s online MSBA curriculum is truly your deciding factor.

The online MSBA is custom designed to meet current and evolving business needs, allowing for deeper learning compared to an analytics certificate. The 36-credit MSBA degree program ensures students learn the necessary data skills to succeed across the analytics spectrum, including database management, business intelligence and predictive and prescriptive modeling.

With guidance from senior business executives and faculty members, each course in our MSBA curriculum addresses the skills that organizations most urgently need. The result is a comprehensive curricular approach that delivers the whole continuum of business analytics — from data collection and analysis through implementation and application.


Not only are our MSBA courses taught by world-class faculty who have real-world expertise in business, analytics, statistics, mathematics and computer science, but the program is also supported by the Center for Business Analytics, one of Villanova School of Business’ six Centers of Excellence. The Center is governed by an impressive group of industry executives from companies including Exelon, Bank of America, IBM, SAP, Campbell Soup Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Janssen Healthcare Innovation (Johnson & Johnson) and more. As a Villanova MSBA student, you will gain industry-ready experience by partnering with a Center organization on a final capstone project to solve real-world business problems.

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Donny Ferrer, MSBA Student

"The reputation of Villanova University, the maturity of the Master of Science in Business Analytics program and the comprehensiveness of the curriculum were the main reasons I made the decision to go to Villanova.”

Donny Ferrer, MSBA Student

Donny Ferrer, MSBA Student

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Women in Tech Conference


The Villanova Women in Tech Conference is a premier event hosted every year by the Villanova School of Business in late January/early February.

In 2021, the panel discussed the experience of women of color in the tech industry as well as the efforts designed to support expanded representation. Panelists spoke to a spectrum of resources, trends and experiences, from seed planting to corporate commitment, designed to encourage and sustain the growth of women of color within the sector. 

Visit the Women In Tech page to view highlights from the 2021 conference.