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Computing Requirements

Computer requirements for Spring 2020 and Summer/Fall 2021 entering students.

All incoming Engineering Freshmen and Transfer students are required to own or purchase a Microsoft Windows based  laptop computer. Students must bring their laptops to class as course work often requires the use of a computer.  Apple - MAC computers are not compatible with all engineering application software that is required for engineering course work.

Minimum requirements are listed below.

Does not meet class work requirement.
Windows 10 Professional 64Bit
Apple OSX
Does not meet class work requirement.
Microsoft Office This is available for free by using your MyNova user id and password at the following link.



256GB Solid-State Drives (or SSDs) are preferred for better performance
Gigabit Ethernet Port
Intel i5, Intel i7 Recommended
8GB min
Video, Discrete Recommended
1080i Recommended
Onboard USB Ports

Required, some applications and labs may require the use of USB connection

USB 3.0/C ports Recommended

Q: Am I required to have a laptop?

A: Yes, Engineering students are required to have a Windows based laptop.

Q: Do I need to bring my laptop to class?

A: Yes, students are expected to bring their laptops to class with required software installed. Laptops are required for course work and labs.

Q: Does an Apple MacBook meet the Engineering Computer Requirement?

A: No, many engineering application require a Windows 64Bit OS.

Q: Does Villanova have a computer purchase program?

A: Computer Purchase Program Link

Q: Where can I get help if I have questions about the Engineering computer requirements?

A: Contact us @

Q: Can Engineering applications be run directly from the network?

A: Yes, most Engineering application are available on vDesktop, our virtual desktop service.